Friday, April 10, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Egg Drop, Birthday, and Learning All the Time

Easter Egg Drop ~

We attended an Easter Egg Drop at a local private school. The crowds were huge and overwhelming with thousands of kids encircling an area the size of a football field. Tom Sawyer and Daddy decided to stay in the car at the end of the field, since they dislike crowds. They ended up having a fabulous view of the drop. I took Little Red Riding Hood up on a hill to get a good picture of the scene below. We decided that getting eggs just wasn't going to happen. In the end, a few eggs fell almost at our feet and Little Red Riding Hood got five. I had a few friends out in the crowd and one of them lost her child for several minutes. I am glad we stayed on the opposite side. It was enough of an adventure on the hill side. We were with all of the press and the helicopter came very close a few times. We all ran down the hill a few times to get away from the whirling blades!

Easter Morning ~

We had a nice Easter. The kids each got either a chocolate bunny or chicken plus one gift. Little Red Riding Hood received Bon Bon the dog; Tom Sawyer got some magnetic thinking putty; and Tim received some much needed socks. We sat in the balcony at church. It was a full house with standing room only for many.

Tim's Birthday ~

Tim turned 25 years old this week. How is it that I am a mother of a 25 year old? I know I started early. But, really? 25! He wanted a quiet time at home with BBQ from a local landmark. We had a nice dinner with cake and enjoyed watching him open his gifts.

Stem Activities ~

I was concerned that I wasn't getting enough STEM activities into our homeschool. Now, thanks to Tinker Crates, we are having lots of great STEM activities. This week Tom Sawyer made a crane. He did lots of calibrating to get it just right and was soon able to pick up very small items, like this miniature marshmallow.

Homeschool ~ We had a really good school week. I love it when it flows smoothly. The kids attended Culture Club this week. The country we learned about was Russia. The kids' presentation was about Faberge eggs. Their PowerPoint presentation came out well, and they are really improving in their speaking skills.

Here is the rest of our week ~ 
  • Finished reading Mama's Bank Account
  • Did 6 lessons in Draw Write Now Book 2
  • Worked at Teaching Textbooks lessons daily
  • Painted secret compartment wooden boxes
  • Made wrapping paper
  • Watched CNN Student News daily
  • Watched Space Shuttle Columbia DVD
  • PowerPoint presentation at Culture Club
  • Read Keeping the Promise a Torah's Journey  (A great book about a Torah that was handed down from a Rabbi in a concentration camp and went to spSpace many years later)
  • Lots of individual reading
  • Lots of crafts
  • Drama, writing, and math classes
  • Dance classes

Tom Sawyer's Viking Costume ~ Tom Sawyer is going to a Viking costume party this weekend. Grandma worked with him on his costume. He also completed his metal sword with the help of one of his dance and theater instructors. It all came out great.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Great week! And a lovely church with good Easter attendance. Tell Tim Happy Birthday, a little late. Weeks that flow are a dream. Oh and I love he sword!

  2. Wow! Look at the people at that egg drop! It must have been chaotic! Happy belated birthday to your Tim! 25! I have a hard time thinking I have a 16 who will be an adult in less then 2 years! LOL What a cool crane and costume!

  3. There is so much goodness in this post! I love the costume, especially the sword. And the books you read this week look really interesting.
    We had an egg hunt, but it was significantly smaller than your one. I would also have stayed in the car as I HATE crowds!

  4. I've never heard of an egg drop before - sounds like quite the event! I too likely would have found a spot away from the crowd!.

  5. Happy Birthday to your not-so-young man!! I feel like an old person who has watched him grow through a number of years (hard to imagine that we've been blog buddies that long). I so love your ideas. Just popping in to try to and catch up for the last several months.