Thursday, November 12, 2015

B Is for Beautiful, Bountiful Blue Ridge Mountains

This week, we went on a wonderful field trip to a national park tucked away in our beautiful mountains. We saw breathtaking views. It seemed like we could see for miles.

We also saw many historic buildings that we were allowed to walk through. This three story barn, with its holes in the floor and loose boards, was just dilapidated enough to make it an interesting adventure for the kids.

We saw beautiful elk. They came right up to the car. They roam wild and free in the park.

We enjoyed several bubbling brooks. Some of the foot bridges were really bouncy.

We also saw big, big sycamore leaves. Look at the huge one that Anne is holding!

It was a very blessed day.

I am joining for blogging through the alphabet.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. It looks incredibly beautiful and peaceful x

  2. Your pictures are making me nostalgic this week. My parents, my sister's family and my family often meet near Pigeon Forge in the fall to see the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. For the past few years, though, we've lived too far away or couldn't arrange our schedules to make the long drive out there. Thanks for sharing the beauty so I can enjoy it long distance.

  3. Wow. Such a lovely place. You're making me want to visit the area :)

  4. We went through the Blue Ridge mountains this past summer, and they are just amazing. Truly God's country.

  5. Those are absolutely majestic mountains!