Friday, November 20, 2015

The Week of Finishing

We just completed week 18. It is now time for an extended winter break. We have never taken off a whole month during winter before. I am really looking forward to it. We will be keeping up our nature studies and doing just a bit of personal growth (schoolish stuff) each day, but mostly we will be embracing other aspects of life for a month. I will continue posting here as well.

Wrapping Up ~ I don't have much in the way of pictures this week. It was kind of boring in the realm of pictures. Our minds were set on completing things and finding good stopping points in all subjects. I got a few pictures here and there.

Dean always loves it when I pull out clay.
  • They completed their history studies of the Middle Ages. We are ready to start the new year with Columbus.
  • They completed book 4 of Draw Write Now.
  • They completed Zoology for Kids.
  • They completed several placement tests for different math programs. Yes, we are back to the drawing board in math due to struggles over fractions and the discovery that the kids can do math problems but struggle with applying it to the real world (word problems, etc.) They scored 99% on their end-of-year testing last year, but their math skills just aren't as concrete as I would like to see them. I think those standardized tests are deceiving. I really like the math programs we have been using up until now, but I think we need a break from the spiral approach to math.
  • They attended dance, tumbling, guitar, sign language and writing classes out of the home. 
  • They read books and started our final Middle Ages book, Adam of the Road.
  • They started exploring our crystal science kit.
  • They watched CNN Student News daily.
  • They did another spelling lesson and test.
  • Dean has started making animation on the computer. He found a free program and it animates his drawings. I love to see him motivated to try new things.
Clay creations made when we were studying zoology
We started growing crystals. We have a few more to start. They should be really cool in a few days.
Lastly, Anne completed her six weeks of tumbling class today. She wants to continue in the spring, if not sooner. We are just too busy right now to start more classes immediately, plus need every extra penny for Christmas. I am pleased to see the progress she made in a safe environment (instead of working out on the hard grass), and we will be looking into how to help her do more of this kind of class after the holidays.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. We almost always take a big break between Thanksgiving and Christmas - it really reduces the stress, and still allows for natural learning, which is so rewarding. I think you'll really enjoy the month.

  2. My second grader has trouble with math word problems! I have never taken a long break between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it sounds heavenly! Maybe some unschooling would be fun!

  3. Enjoy your long break! I hope it works well for you. it's a great time to get in some unstructured learning and still enjoy he holiday season.

  4. Enjoy your break! :) I see your son like Mountain shirts, too. My boys love them. Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  5. I hope you have a well deserved rest! We are the opposite - we usually take the whole month of December off (I also take it off blogging) but to honest this year we have not been productive enough and are trailing a bit behind. This means our term is being extended until right up before Christmas :(