Wednesday, December 23, 2015

H Is for Hamster!

The kids got a new pet for Christmas. We now have a sweet little hamster. The kids named him Kevin.

What happened to our hermit crabs, you say? Well, a few weeks ago, the kids admitted that they were really bored with our hermit crabs. I was the only one taking care of them. So we passed them on to a hermit crab enthusiast. They are thriving in their new home. That left us with an empty cage.

The kids started lobbying for all kinds of animals. My rules were that it had to be low cost and fit in a 10 gallon tank, the kids had to take care of it, and it had to have fur (i.e., no reptiles) We have had so many pets over the years. We have sometimes had as many as seven pets at one time. However, we are in a stage of calm and healing in our family. A hamster was a perfect fit. Three kids (at home), a dog and a hamster is just enough for us.

He is a pretty cute addition, don't you think?

Through the Calm and Through the Storm

Blessings, Dawn


  1. He's adorable! I hope the kids enjoy their new pet. Merry Christmas!

    We had gerbils as our first pets for Amber and we still miss them (sorta). But nothing around here is low maintenance - one of them actually needed antibiotics. Hopefully you don't have a tail incident like we did :)

  2. is he a good tempered one? We had one, learned they have to stay warm or they start to hibernate! :)

    Visiting from Blogging through alphabet.

  3. :) I had a hamster named Goldilocks when I was 5. And I think this every time I come to your blog, so I'll just say it: I love your header pic! Where on earth was that taken?? Looks like heaven!