Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Lazy Days of Summer

I don't really know that you could call this past week of our summer lazy, but this is about as slow as it gets around here. I have let the kids sleep until 9:30 am most days. That is late for us. We have been partaking of more media than we should and walking around in our pajamas until lunch time. However,we have accomplished a bit, too.

I purchased a Wreck This Journal book for each child. This is one of their summer projects. Anne has embraced the idea with a passion. She is very busy wrecking hers. Dean has done it a bit but doesn't really want to mess it up ~ LOL!

We got free doughnuts on National Doughnut Day.
Our summer airplane ~ we seem to need to buy a new one each year. 
Our goals and what we have accomplished ~
  • Get rid of 100 things a week ~ 100 things (40 pieces of clothing to Africa, 48 items to Goodwill, 7 things thrown away and 5 things sold on Ebay)  
  • Trim branches we can reasonably reach to clear the "secret garden" ~ I wish I had taken a before picture of the secret garden, and I lost the pictures of Dean up in a tree sawing away. However, Dean and Grandma have made huge accomplishments clearing trees out of the secret garden. We have many piles of branches in the yard to clear this weekend. Next week, we will work on clearing ivy and getting the trunks down to little stumps.
  • Keep up with our tiny garden ~ The tomatoes are in and being watered daily; the strawberries are thriving; the potatoes are sprouting into tiny plants; my sons' hot peppers are happy; and the blueberries are covered in nets. 
  • Pull all the books we have for next school year and begin ordering books we need ~ I have pulled all the books, created an order sheet for what we need, placed the first order and decided on a course of study for each child.
  • Do one small free to almost-free fun thing on most days ~ This week we went on a picnic, celebrated National Doughnut Day with a free doughnut, went to the pool at the YWCA with Grandma, had friends over for dinner, power walked at the shopping mall, and bought a Styrofoam model airplane and then flew it at the park.
  • Do 30 minutes of school work each day ~ Well, we did school work three days this week.

Lastly, Grandma bought an Everett console piano from the Habitat for Humanity Re-store for Dean. Well, she bought it for the whole family but with Dean in mind. He wants to learn a host of instruments, and a piano will be a perfect fit for him. My husband rented a U-Haul, and we hired two young men from the dance studio to help our guys move the piano into the house. All went well and we are now the owners of a new-to-us piano. I do need to get it tuned, but its sound really isn't too bad, considering its journey as of late. (Pianos always need tuning after being moved.)

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Oh, what a lovely piano! That will be such a blessing for your son. It's such a shame you live so far away. My son is the same about all instruments and is currently saving up for a set of drums (Gary plays drums very well, so he will maybe teach him) I will be putting them out in the garden teen nook which I am now thinking of sound proofing!

  2. I am intrigued with your list of ideas... getting rid of 100 things a week sounds amazing! We too do a bit of schoolwork; just a bit and then enjoy the rest of the day swimming and playing.

  3. The piano is beautiful! I am hoping to get my girls back into lessons now that we are home and can actually use our piano :)

    Your days don't sound lazy by any means!