Friday, October 14, 2016

Homeschooling Isn't a Race -- It's a Journey!

Weeks like this remind me that homeschooling is a journey, not a race to the finish line. Sometimes we as homeschoolers get caught up in To Do lists, comparing ourselves to each other and worrying that we aren't doing enough. This has been one of those kind of weeks around here. I have been homeschooling for 18 years and still fall into that trap now and again.

Really, it wasn't a horrible week. We had a lovely birthday celebration for Anne. I am now officially a mother to three teens and a young adult. Our home is filled with hormones and emotions. With that comes more arguing, more tears, more apologies and lots of highs and lows. This week we were at a place where working on relationships was much more important than getting through our academic To Do list.
I love seeing the relationship grow between these two brothers.
School did happen, of course, but it just wasn't my highest priority. Homeschooling is a lifestyle. Some weeks are going to be stellar and some aren't. That is life. I record our days, because it is very encouraging to look back and see all of the valuable things we accomplished, even when I think nothing much happened.

Below is a list of what we did accomplish academically ~ 
  • Chemistry with our homeschool friend
  • Art class
  • Reviewing sign language
  • We Will Rise ~ Documentary on girls being educated around the world
  • Completed our October puzzle
  • Anne wrote a 500 word paper on Queen Elizabeth I and fashion during her reign.
  • Dean wrote a 500 word paper on our New York City trip.
  • Each child did two hours of math.
  • Anne finished Alice in Wonderland.
  • Dean continued reading his chapter book.
  • They both attended dance ~ 10 hours for Anne and 6.5 hours for Dean.
  • CNN Student News daily
  • Anne worked on coloring intricate Queen Elizabeth I paper dolls
  • Chemistry homework ~ writing about assigned element
  • At least 30 minutes of music practice each day
  • A Scandal in Bohemia, a Sherlock Holmes Story
  • Language arts work books -- one hour
  • Some work with review products

It is a blessing to homeschool, even more on the weeks that are hard than the weeks that run smoothly. We have time to work through issues, support our interests and just love each other. It is such a gift to be able to adapt our schooling to our current needs. I hope that next week goes more smoothly, but I am glad for every day with my crew, hard knocks and all.

Blessings, Dawn

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  1. It is great to have the time and ability to adjust academics in favor of other needs,,even family relationships. You were still rather productive while encouraging family harmony. I hope next week smoother.

  2. Your's is the first photo of homeschoolers where a boy has a beard. Three of mine have them now after declaring years ago they never would. They realise now why their Dad has one because two of them could shave in the morning and have black stubble by lunchtime. Found your blog via Weekly Wrap-up :)

  3. I have 3 teens with another one soon to become official. It is strange to me that they take more worry and work than the littles do, even on basic skills like not teasing and being polite. I appreciate this post as it helps me understand more of why I've not been able to focus so much on academics lately--we've needed to strengthen our relationships. I don't think I realized that until this moment. Thank you.

  4. I agree with you 100 percent!

  5. I agree with you 100 percent!

  6. So the worry never goes away.... darn. I was pretty sure that was the case but was hopeful at some point that I would feel so confident in our homeschooling that I could erase the worries and fears.

  7. Putting academics aside to focus on your kids' needs is far more important! Kudos for not being afraid to do so!

  8. Relationships are always more important than academics. :-) But your list of the schoolwork completed is still pretty impressive!

    Thanks for linking up with us at Homeschool Highlights!

  9. Wonderful!! It looks like alot was accomplished in your week. This have been super busy here and I feel like we haven't accomplished much, although I know that I have. Have a wonderful week!

  10. Having three teens in the home is one of the hardest jobs I've had as a mom! Relationship building and making the time for it is good - good for you. :)