Saturday, November 12, 2016

Tending the Home Fires

What a week! This was a stressful week for my household and our country. My son has had a very difficult week at dance. He has been dealing with a bully, and I had to finally intervene on his behalf. The dance studio dealt with it quickly, but the damage is done; and I have work to do on the home front to strengthen my son's self-esteem. Also, my children watched this very bitter election very carefully. This was the first major election that they were really old enough to understand, and it was a rough one to watch. They really thought that, once the election was over, life would go back to normal. I always feared that it wouldn't and it won't. This election really dredged up the anger, fear, hatred and division that is running deep in our country right now. There is much work to do to bring peace, respect, kindness, understanding and cohesiveness to our country. My children have witnessed first hand the hatred that usually doesn't permeate openly our rather open-minded little city. Our friend's adopted children are crying, because classmates told them they are going to be deported back to Africa. We also have seen white supremacy supporters screaming in our city streets. This is all very shocking to my children. 
Here are our shoe boxes for Meals on Wheels and Operation Christmas Child.
What is a mother to do? My children are always, I start at home. We are a family that believes that everyone is a child of God and has a right to thrive on this planet. Everyone is a gift. We must find the light in each and every person. There are times that finding the light in a person is very difficult, especially when they are spewing hatred. But we must find the light. So we are doubling our efforts to show kindness. We are praying, caring, trying to understand and living our lives gently. We are asking, "What would Jesus do?" The Prince of Peace would not be spewing hatred.
We attended the soft opening of our new science museum.
As this week has passed, I have reminded my children that they are responsible for their actions and words, that they can always spread light in the darkness. So we step through our days lightly, basking in the love we find and praying for those who are struggling to feel and show love.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. I'm so sorry you are experiencing all this. I hope your son recovers very quickly. Bullying occurs because of a deep issue inside the bully not the bullied. He just got caught in the cross fire. I am certain with a mum like you he will regain his confidence very quickly. xx

  2. What a beautiful post, Dawn! You are an inspiration! I love that last picture of Anne! I am so sorry that your family was touched by bullying. I will be praying for a quick recovery from its effects. We have missed most of the election hatred by staying out of it and keeping busy.

  3. I'm so sorry you've had to deal with bullying. You've set a great example for your kids and continue to fight for their hearts. This is a the mark of a Christian mother.