Friday, April 21, 2017

Thinking About Next Year

I am thinking a great deal about what we will be doing next year. I would really like to spend less than $300 next year on books and materials, so that my homeschool budget can be spent on out of the home classes and field trips. Thanks to being on the review crew and being a pack rat (of books), we are already in pretty good shape. Below is the list of what I already have.

Dean 9th/10th Grade

English I (9th), mostly a writing course ~ Finish Cover Story, grammar workbooks,  Linguistic Development through Poetry (will be halfway done with this course by the end of this school year).

English II (10th) Literature English and American ~ Progeny Press Unit Study of Great Expectations, Literature through Movies, see Shakespeare plays offered in our area, two other great works to be determined...

Career and Technology (10th) ~ Succeeding in the World of Work textbook and field trips.

Community Service (10th) ~ Volunteering at the regional nature center, food bank, Humane Society, as well as doing special projects for the Red Cross and Meals on Wheels (150 hours).

Math I (9th) ~ Real world math (algebra and geometry) with Math Mammoth, Hands-on Math Projects with Real-Life Applications,Grades 6-12, other hands-on resources and occasional drill worksheets.

Earth Science (9th) ~ We are using lots of Internet and library resources in addition to lots of field trips. (We will be done with this course by next November.)

Biology (10th) ~ Still need to determine curriculum. This is where a chunk of money will be spent because we will dissect several specimens.

U.S. History I (9th) The Story of the Thirteen Colonies & The Great Republic Memoria Press American History through Spanish American War, lots of field trips (will be 1/3 complete by the end of this school year).

P.E. and Health (9th) ~ Swimming, physical therapy at home, dance classes, as well as a 6 to 10 week health course (to be determined).

Taught by Others ...

String Instruments (9th) ~ Ukulele, guitar and electric guitar (will be halfway done by the end of this school year).

Visual Art I (9th) ~ Art classes with Grandma and Miss Laura (may complete this course yet this year. If so, so he will go onto Visual Arts II for 10th grade).

Anne 8th/9th 

Anne will be doing two or three courses toward her 9th grade credits, even though she will be an 8th grader.

Biology (9th) ~ Same as brother's curriculum, to be determined.

English I (9th) ~ Same as brother's curriculum (will do lots of extra reading).

P.E. (8th) ~ Swimming and her technical dance classes.

Performing Arts and Music (8th) ~ Dance classes that are for performances, all rehearsals and performances, piano lessons.

Math (8th) ~ Math Mammoth and hands-on math projects.

History (8th) ~ Two research papers and presentation on historical topic of her choosing, lots of biographies and field trips.

Home Economics (8th) ~ Sewing, personal finance and household budgeting, cooking, gardening and other life skills.

Logic (8th) ~ Fallacy Detective, jigsaw puzzles 500+, Orbiting with Logic, Unlocking Analogies Middle School, Red Herring Mysteries Level 2.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Looks like a great list. I'm looking at spending a bundle this next year. I've decided to do a few dvd classes with the oldest two. I just can't spend the time with them that they need. I need to devote some time to the littles to catch them up on reading and math. So, dvd to the rescue. Not ideal but I'll be going to school full time online to finish my master's so it will help for a year. Plus, it will be good for the girls to see a different teacher and get used to lectures before going to college.

  2. I decided to use the Story of the 13 Colonies for our American History spine as well!

    Looks like you planning is coming together nicely!

  3. It all sounds brilliant. Being on the review crew is such a blessing isn't it? I hope you have a truly wonderful year x

  4. Check out for biology. Although it wouldn't cover the whole program, it looks like a nice program on cells, plants, and protazoa

  5. Looks like a great plan and great resources that you already have on hand!