Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer Week 5 ~ A Quiet One...

We had a peaceful week. There were no camps, no doctor appointments, no emergencies! It was just a nice, calm week.

Sunday ~ We celebrated my 45th birthday! Wow, 45 years old! It seems like I was graduating from college and getting married just the other day. I am so blessed to be healthy and surrounded by a loving family.

Monday ~ Dean started his Monday volunteer job at the nature center. He was extremely anxious, but it all went well. Hopefully, he will be less nervous next week. Anne did two hours of ballet classes.

Tuesday ~ We hung around the house. Anne and I finished our Harry Potter movie marathon that we started a week or so ago. The boys got out the band saw and created small gadgets/toy weapons.

Wednesday ~ Anne had several more hours of ballet and Dean had therapy (guess we did have one appointment). Dean finished his latest drawing. I really love this one! I am amazed with the detail in the hair.

Thursday ~ We spent a lazy morning at home and then set out to explore downtown a bit. We ended up in our favorite store, which has a huge candy department. The candy is sold in individual pieces and the kids picked out a few things to try. They then played several rounds of checkers.

Friday ~ We have plans for some major grocery shopping and I need to load a ton on eBay. I almost have our plans squared away for the next school year. 

All the rest ~ The kids start one subject each next week for summer school. I believe that Dean will be doing his career and technology class, which fits nicely with his volunteer job at the nature center, and Anne will be doing a logic course. Looking at our dance schedule, next year is overwhelming. We are trying to get some of our courses started or even completed before the school year gets underway in August.

Books I am reading this summer
Week 1 ~ $2.00 a Day: Living On Almost Nothing In America
Week 2 ~ Your Water Footprint: The Shocking Facts About How Much Water We Use to Make Everyday Products
Week 3 ~ Water Cooler Diaries: Women Across America Share Their Day at Work
Week 4 ~ Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4 a Day
Week 5 ~ The Rainbow Resource Catalogue Does a catalog even count? I think it should. It is 800 pages long and filled with so many homeschool products. Yes, I really do read huge sections of it. 

Blessings, Dawn


  1. I used to love the Rainbow Resources catalogue. Sadly international shipping became exorbitant so I try and limit myself to electronic downloads now. My older kids have fond memories of the big box from Rainbow Resources arriving .

  2. Happy birthday! I know what you mean by feeling that it was just yesterday that we graduated from college. I feel like that, too and I am 10 years older than you!
    I also know what you mean about nervous kids. When my Sam got his driver's license the instructor told him not to be so nervous and he sees nervous people all the time, I am sure, so it must have been pretty bad! I love Dean's drawing! It is very good!Looks like you are having a great summer!

  3. Happy birthday!! It sounds like a great week! I love the drawing. I need to order my planner so I can get the first 6 weeks of our school laid out. We'll start in August as well.

  4. Yes, a cataloge certainly counts, especially the RR one. I read it also, so I totally get it.
    Sounds like you had a lovely birthday. Have a wonderful remainder of the week. Happy birthday!

  5. I love the Rainbow Resource catalog. :)

    And Happy Birthday to you! We're the same age!!!