Friday, January 26, 2018

My Cup Spilled Over and Made a Mess

This was one of those weeks where my cup was too full. Although my cup is always full, sometimes it flows over the rim. This was one of those weeks, and I plan to rescue the last two days of the week right now. I have been way too snappy, irritated and then downright took the bait and got into two arguments with my dear son in two days! I still have a bunch to jump through today and tomorrow, but I am going to have to make sure my needs are met, too. Mama needs some chill time.

Dance ~  Anne's dancing is consuming the whole family right now. She has been offered a host of special opportunities and for that we are grateful, but it has meant that I am out on the road with her a great deal instead of holding down the fort at home. Dear husband will have to step up even more while we get through the weekend, and Anne will have to be more selective in her opportunities over the next few months. This week alone from Sunday to Sunday she will log about 25 hours of dance/performances away from home and more practice at home. Her current projects include eight normal weekly dance classes, working on a solo dance and a trio dance for the upcoming showcase, two weekly Cecchetti ballet classes that are preparing her for her the level 4 Cecchetti exam out-of-state in May, dance teacher assistant job and performing with the adults in the local Fringe Festival. The festival will be over this weekend, so we can get back to a more normal, yet still too busy, schedule.
The dance group is doing a series of tableaus around downtown, where they hold their pose for 5 to 10 minutes.
This is the prom scene.
In this scene and the one below, they are at a winter beach party.

Tim ~ Our adult disabled son who lives with us had several cardiac tests this week. This required both of us to hang out in the hospital way more than anyone would want to do during flu season. He had an echocardiogram and a specialized stress test to see how his heart and lungs are working together. These are routine tests to see how he is doing. He had numerous congenital defects plus other cardiac problems, plus he was a Tetralogy of Fallot baby.  Children with his complications often didn't survive childhood, so cardiologists are still learning what issues may yet occur in adulthood. Sometimes the lifesaving surgery done in infancy does damage to the heart that shows up in the late 20's. We will have the results in a week or two.

The Dumping of My Brain ~ I realized that one of the things that was going wrong for me was the amount of stuff swimming around in my head. Trying to remember a long to do list in one's head can be quite stressful. I usually have a list of things written down but that list has wandered. So I wrote down all that I could think of on the white board. Now my husband can look at the list and try to take care of some of them. Hopefully, this system will work for all of us.

In between all the dance and doctor appointments, we also did a light school week. Hopefully, we will all avoid illness and life will settle down a bit next week.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. I love your title.

    And you have my sympathy. I certainly hope your brain dump works to lighten your mental load enough to cope with all of the physical work and traveling and coordinating that has to be done.

    On a lighter note, how fun those tableaux look!!

  2. That is quite the brain dump, and I completely understand how overwhelmed that can make you feel! Hope next week is easier!

  3. Wow, that is quite the brain dump. I started a bullet journal. They can be super fancy with these awesome drawings and lists and things....not mine. I have a monthly calendar followed by weeklies. The first page of teh weekly has all my to do lists broken down by item: homeschooling, household, college, and AHG. I have a column on one side with menu plans and a column on the other page with events and appts for each day. The next two page layout is the to-do list for each break up the weekly tasks in a better way. I also have a fruit and veggie check off sheet for me to follow to remember to eat more fruits and veggies. Also in each monthly, I have the monthly budget and bills. It is so nice to have everything in one place. I'm really enjoying it. I still go to grab paper to write out a to-do list for the day, so I'm struggling with remembering to use it to my best advantage. Its a work in progress.....but I'm getting there.

  4. That is an amazing list. Wow, Anne really has a commitment to her dance! I am sorry to hear about your son. I hope his problems are minimal!

  5. The winter beach party tableau is cute, but sheesh, a bit nippy for that.

    I hope things slow down a bit.

  6. Impressive list. Mine is on free form planner where I just scribble tasks per day and tasks to be done during the week. Nobody sees my lists though so nobody helps. Your way might work better :-)

    Sounds like Anne is having some amazing times. I hope you all survive. May this week be calmer.

  7. To do lists can be overwhelming, but I agree: having it all float around your head is worse than putting it down on paper (or wall).