Friday, March 2, 2018

Week 25 ~ An Average Week with a Touch of Heartache

The heartache this week is that our sweet bunny didn't make it. He passed away peacefully in my son's arms Thursday afternoon. We knew when we got him that he had not been well cared for and the vet felt that he had a bacterial infection (most likely Pasteurella). We hoped that antibiotics would work but realized that we might be in a hospice situation. We made him comfortable and enjoyed him for the three short weeks he was in our lives. We are all sad, but coping well with the loss. We learned a lot about rabbits and how one fit into our lives. Some sweet souls touch our lives for only a short time. I think, for now, we will store the cage away and go back to being a one pet family. I think a smallish dog would be the best fit, but we are not up to financially affording two dogs right now. Rest in Peace, Phillip Teaberry.

The rest of the week was pretty normal. Most of our courses are moving along smoothly, and I can see the end in sight for a few. I sprinkled in a few new books this week and brought back some habits that work well for us when the outside world has us hopping. We are using audio books, documentaries and more than usual read aloud time to get through this extra busy season.

Anne's dance commitments are coming to a peak. She is preparing ten dances for the showcase in two weeks! Her teachers are still working out the details of a few of those dances. Anne is altering costumes, memorizing choreography, counting out dance steps. stretching, soothing aching feet that are not used to heels and generally having her head in the clouds. Well, truthfully, her head is really just in dance all the time. Here are her accomplishments this week:
  • 16 hours of dance classes/rehearsals
  • 1 hour teacher assistant job
  • 3 hours of sewing
  • 1 hour babysitting a special needs child in a restaurant while moms talked at a different table.
  • 3 math lessons
  • 3 English lessons
  • 4 hours on Culture Club project ~ She is learning about the Day of the Dead in Mexico.
  • 2 hours of In the Womb, a National Geographic documentary ~ biology
  • Made edible DNA strands ~ biology
  • 2 hours reading ~ Harry Potter, book 4
  • 4 hours Literature Movie Club. They had a double feature, Black Stallion and Black Stallion Returns.
  • Listened to stories of great heroes from Character is Destiny (Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and Sojourner Truth)
Sugar Skulls

Dean had an emotional week. While he is getting through the hard patches in life much better than he did this time last year, they still take over when they occur. Many of his lessons this week were hard to document, but so important. He spent hours processing his feelings, caring for a sick bunny and then saying goodbye when the bunny passed. He also needed a lot of sleep this week. Perhaps he is growing or warding off some germs. Nonetheless, we muddled through and got a fair amount done.
  • 4 hours Literature Movie Club. They had a double feature, Black Stallion and Black Stallion Returns.
  • Listened to stories of great heroes from book, Character is Destiny (Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and Sojourner Truth)
  • Made a DNA strand
  • Watched a National Geographic documentary, In the Womb
  • Observed and tracked progress on his compost project and made a potato clock to test (earth science)
  • Went to art class and spent two hours learning about watercolors and preparing for his Monet inspired self-portrait
  • 3 math lessons
  • Worked a little bit on Culture Club project about the Mexican American War
  • 2 hours guitar practice at home and tuning all of his guitars/ukulele with his new tuner
  • Reading ~ Gregor The Overlander series
  • Two earth science lessons in his Spectrum workbook
We have an absolutely amazing weekend planned. I hope it comes off without a hitch.
To see a day in our life recorded this week, go to Day in the Life.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. So sorry you had to say goodbye to your rabbit. He looked so sweet and cuddly. It looks like you had a productive week, the candy dna - fun!

  2. How sad about your bunny! I wish Dean well with his emotional struggles. And congrats to Anne on her astonishing dance accomplishments! She's really shining . . . but so, in my opinion, is Dean in his own way.

    1. I totally agree. He is a wonder and has come so far through so many challenges.

  3. So sorry to hear about your bunny. Losing a pet is hard. I remember making that DNA strand with Miss 17 several years ago. It's always fun when you can eat your science project.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about losing your sweet bunny. :'-( Glad to hear the rest of your week was productive, and I certainly hope you had an amazing weekend! Hope you will share, lol! :D

  5. They both have accomplished so much. I am so proud of them both, and they are not even my own kids!

  6. So sorry about the bunny. The rest of the week looks good. Hoping the extra sleep did the trick for Dean and that he's not picking up a bug.

  7. I'm glad you found me. You disappeared and I couldn't find you. It's good to see you again!