Friday, March 9, 2018

Week 26 ~ The One with the Phantom, Grandpa and Woodworking

I left off last week with the announcement that we had an amazing weekend planned. It did indeed happen without a hitch. We traveled across state for a weekend getaway. We picked a hotel with an indoor pool and spent hours swimming, played miniature golf at night and went to a huge mall which had a huge H&M (Dean's favorite store) and Dean spent his allowance + a bit kicked in from us. On Sunday Anne and I went to Phantom of The Opera which was the true point of this trip. Dean did not want to go, so he went with dear husband to the Duke Gardens and took pictures.

My husband only took a few shots at the gardens and dear son's pictures refuse to come off his phone.

Phantom of The Opera ~ This was Anne's very first Broadway Musical. She was spellbound. It was wonderful and perfect. We purchased seats in the orchestra with a warning that there may be obstructed view for less than 10% of the show. I figured that was worth it for $100 discount off our tickets. It didn't matter in the least. The show was fantastic. We were so close we could see the facial expressions of all of the performers.

Grandpa Visited ~  My father made a two day stop with us on his way to Florida. He rested up and visited. It was so nice to see how well he is doing. It is hard to believe we rushed up to Washington, D.C. to say goodbye to him just two Easters ago. The doctors really weren't sure he was going to make it through brain surgery to remove fungus from his brain. It has been a long road to recovery, but he is doing great.
Dean was still asleep when he left so missed getting into the photo.

Building a Desk ~ Grandpa spent a lot of time with Dean this trip helping him build a computer desk in his closet. They picked out wood, did tons of measuring and used tons of tools (drill, circular saw, t-square and level, etc.). It was a great experience for Dean. I am so glad they had that time to bond.

The Presentation on Mexico~ We got together with our friends and had our culture club day. We studied Mexico this time. They told us all about the Mayans and we told them about the Mexican American war and the Day of the Dead. Then we had a little Mexican feast.

A Sneak peek at one of the dances for the showcase ~ 

I little Cha Cha... I hope to get a picture of her in all of her costumes this weekend. There are 10! of them. She is in 10 of the 16 dances. She is going to have some crazy costume changes. I am especially looking forward to the trio dance that she and her friends choreographed themselves. It is really gripping both in music and choreography.

One more performance ~ We also saw a school Matinee performance of a dance company called Body Traffic from Los Angeles. They were great and inspiring to my dancer.
Image result for bodytraffic dance group

What an action packed week. We did get a bit of book work done, but we really have to buckle down next week after all the fun this week.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Glad to hear the trip was a success. We've taken my mom with us to see Phantom a couple of times, and the last time Amber was able to go. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the costumes!

  2. Glad you were all able to enjoy such a jam-packed but wonderful week.

  3. What a fabulous week! And Anne's costume changes will be wild indeed!! Do you stand by in the dressing room to help her?

    I saw Phantom once in LA before we moved away, and it was, of course, astonishing. However, the music and story are too creepy for me. I've never been able to listen to the music or see the show again because I panic. My family loves it--though they have to listen to the soundtrack only when I am not around. :)

    I think Dean building that awesome computer desk with his grandpa is probably my favorite story of the week.

    1. No, I am seeing both shows from the audience. She has a system that is amazing and will be wearing one costume on top of another for one of the changes. She prefers to do it herself but does have a friend standing by sometimes. She is doing more dances than anyone else this time. I love that Dean got to build with Grandpa too.

  4. My mom picked me up from college one wintery weekend and we went to an Ocean City hotel that had an indoor pool and hot tub in a rainforest setting. It was one of the best times I ever had with her and it was a very needed break from the winter's cold. Your vacation reminded me of that. Love that last photo!!

  5. So cool to see Phantom. I saw it a few times as a teen as my best friend's mum worked in the ticket agency and gave us any tickets that weren't sold. What a wonderful mother-daughter trip :)
    Claire (angelicscalliwags)

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