Thursday, May 31, 2018

Performing Arts Half Credit ~ 9th Grade ~ Anne

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Cast of Alice in Wonderland

Anne earned a half credit (90 hours) for performing arts this year. She performed in a variety of shows and worked very hard on all of her characters and dances. She danced many styles this year, including jazz, ballet, pointe, modern, hip hop, salsa and modern limone.

Alice in Wonderland ~ Anne performed in eight shows of Alice in Wonderland. She had the main character role of the caterpillar which required her to take weeks of aerial arts classes to learn how to perform on silks. She also performed as a garden gate on pointe as well as a jazzy cat. She did an excellent job and put forth all of her passion and effort into the performances.
Garden Gate
The Nutcracker and The Mouse King ~ She performed in four shows of The Nutcracker and The Mouse King. She had the main character role of the princess, which was a partnering ballet piece. She also danced with the Junior Company in various roles, including elastic doll, guard, cat, pop rocks, sailor and a sugar mask. She did a wonderful job of getting through many quick costume changes (some of them only a minute long).
Posing in Three Tableaus with the Adult Company ~ Anne was delighted to be invited to perform in three tableaus during the Fringe Festival. They performed on the streets at locations around the downtown to support the LaZoom bus tour. They would set up at different stops and then hold a pose for seven or eight minutes while the tour bus unloaded and looked at them. It was a great experience. They did a prom scene, bachelorette party scene and a winter at the beach scene.
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Posing in a Tableaus was a new experience.
Hola Children's Festival ~ Anne really enjoyed doing a salsa dance piece with Junior Company at this festival. It was another outdoor dance experience.
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Hola Children's Festival
The Winter Showcase ~ The winter showcase is one of Anne's favorite events each year. It is an opportunity for the students to show some of their own work in addition to a sneak peek at what they are working on. Anne performed in four shows of the showcase. She participated in 10 dances each show.
  1. "Fallen Angels" choreographed by Melissa Wilhoit (Modern piece)
  2. "Remembering What is Being Lost" choreographed by Sara Keller (Ballet piece)
  3. "Serenade" choreographed by Balanchine (Classical Ballet piece)
  4. "Baaxaloob Tu Yotochoob" choreographed by Fanny Ortiz (Modern piece)
  5. "Cat Call" choreographed by students (Modern piece)
  6. "Swingin' Sass" choreographed by Sara Keller (Jazz piece)
  7. "Hot Havana Nights" choreographed by Megan Waldrop and Guillermo Valseca (Salsa piece)
  8. "Road Runner" choreographed by Susan Collard (Modern piece)
  9. "Retail Therapy" choreographed by Megan Waldrop (Hip Hop piece)
  10. "I Know Girls" choreographed by Anne and two of her friends (Lyrical piece)
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Anne mid leap

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Anne dancing her solo 

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Anne far right
It was a wonderful year filled with great achievements and experiences. She earned a grade of A (100%) for her hard work and accomplishments.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Wonderful! She is so graceful and beautiful in the photos. Thank you for the guide as to how to write up a performing arts center.