Saturday, September 15, 2018

Week 5 ~ Just a Rough Week

What is it about week 5 of each school year that tends to be hard? This was one of those weeks that just didn't feel very successful. It was just all around difficult. We struggled all week to get through  lessons and maintain our routines while taking on a full out-of-the-home schedule. Then there is the broken dryer that has been down for several weeks now and dear husband's car troubles which meant extra juggling and driving on my part. Then there is Hurricane Florence who is headed toward us. We are not sure how much she will impact us this weekend. They are predicting that we will get about 6-8 inches, which would certainly make our already high rivers flood and may make next week challenging (but nothing like those are dealing with near the coast ~ our prayers go out to them). Finally, our relationship with our daughter Goldilocks has taken another sad turn. She is safe and we are safe for the moment, but all of those underlying fears for our safety mixed with the desperate feelings we have for her future are very raw this week. We are praying that we make the right choices and moves in this endless life or death chess match with our mentally ill and emotionally unstable daughter.

Dean's homework for art this week ~

Blessings, Dawn


  1. I will be praying for you this week that it goes better in the coming days. We have had some difficult tims lately ourselves, so don't feel alone in this. I especially feel for you and your family about your difficult times with Goldilocks. It must really hurt. I have also found it a difficult transition between when the newness of the school year wears off and the habit kicks in. Hugs.

  2. I'm sorry, Dawn!! I understand. That rawness just pervades everything, and is so exhausting. You and your family are ever in my prayers. I wish I had answers or advice even a casserole to offer for bad days. All I can do is offer a virtual hug and keep praying.

    Much love,