Friday, September 28, 2018

Week 7 ~ Jacob Lawrence, Dance and Geography

My little helper was clearing all of the last few weeks of school papers all over the floor. I need a push sometimes to remember to file their school work.

We had a productive and fun week. The routine is set and we are comfortable with it. We have a nice all around balance going. The kids have spent tons of free time playing their new card game, Magic. It is always a delight to see them getting along so beautifully. They generally get along, but sometimes they just really have a great time together and that is such a blessing.
Dean is really enjoying his new Geography program, Geography Through Art. I think it is intended for a younger crowd so I am adding in reading assignments, research, map work and a meal from the country we are studying. The last two weeks he has been learning about England. He read, Where is Stonehenge. He also created his own model of Stonehenge (it is a partial model because he ran out of clay). He also made a sketch of Big Ben and did some research on Big Ben.

Fish and Chips for our our English dinner
Anne and I have tested all of the coffee shops near where Dean takes his art class each week. This is our favorite one. There is space to spread out, the tea is cheap and we can watch people pass by. It is also right across the street from Dean's class.
Anne is so relieved that her Cecchetti teacher has started teaching the curriculum for level 5 Cecchetti. The next exam isn't until next May, but it is a relief to start learning all of the material. She was all giggles during warm ups this week.
Grandma did her monthly class with the kids. They learned about Jacob Lawrence. Then we went off to the opening of an exhibit of Jacob Lawrence artwork at the Black Mountain College Museum and Art Center. It was great.

Well, it was a great week. We have some real treats planned for next week and a very special opportunity.
Blessings, Dawn


  1. It looks like it was a fantastic week! MTG can be addictive!

  2. I'm so very glad you've had a good week! Anne is such a lovely dancer (even in warm ups), and that Geography Through Art program is quite fun, isn't it!?

  3. A lovely week!
    I'm not great at filing kids work either. This year I put a folder for each child in the filing cabinet and THEY are required to file their papers as they finish them. Almost 2 months in this is working well. Phew!