Friday, February 21, 2020

A Touch of Snow and Graduation Update

We had a touch of snow this week. It is the first real snow we have had this year. It was lovely for the 24 hours that we had it.

There are so many shows coming up. Anne was just cast for the Fables show in the Spring. She has the role of a camel and will be dancing on pointe (we think). She is continuing to learn all of the choreography for the Grade 6 Cecchetti exam that is in June.The picture below is a practice session of her solo in the Junior Showcase in March. She is doing a variation of the Arabian dance from the Nutcracker.
She is also preparing for a show with the Adult Company in March. There is so much choreography in her brain. I have no idea how she keeps it all straight. 
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Adult Company
Anne is making some great progress with her school work, too. She completed Health and U.S. History I this week. She is almost done with Earth Science which is a carryover from last year. We took this course really slow. She also passed the written part of the driver's test this week. She got 100% on the test. She now has her learner's permit, and we will start practicing her driving skills on a regular basis.

Dean had a great week, too. He completed U.S. History II. He also accepted a paying job to be a camp counselor for a week or two this summer at the camp he worked at last year. He committed to one week, but if he does not have a permanent job by then, he will b able to work the second week at the camp, too. The director of the camp is fine with that. We are picking up speed on completing Physical Science. It is going well. Dean has taken the lead to build the machines for our experiments.

His latest Eureka kit came out great. It is a table tennis robot. We are going to have fun trying to figure this one out. We aren't as coordinated as one might think. HaHa.                       

Anne and I had a bit of fun doing a snowy photo shoot. My girl is growing up so fast. The years just fly!

I put in Dean's paperwork for graduation this week. It is getting real! Our state issues a diploma to homeschool students who are enrolled and have followed the state requirements. They also provide a graduation ceremony a few hours drive from here. It is a huge affair that our oldest went through. Dean really didn't want to do the ceremony and requested to just have a party. We talked it out for weeks and decided to go with his desire to skip the ceremony. They will send him his diploma, and we are going to purchase a cap and gown for his party and present his diploma to him in front of family and friends. My husband is disappointed that he is skipping the big ceremony, but it is really Dean's experience. What he wants is of primary importance in this situation. I have some great ideas for his party. I am sure it will be a very special experience. The picture and bio below are what will appear in the statewide North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE) magazine (graduation edition) for homeschoolers.

Dean, son of David and Dawn, is graduating after 12 yrs of homeschooling, with a double major in PE and Fine Arts. He is passionate about music and Belegarth medieval sport. He has been a camp counselor for several years and is a role model for youths. He is a compassionate young man with a heart for those less fortunate. He plans to enter the workforce while exploring other opportunities. We look forward to watching his light shine!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Anne is such a lovely young lady! Congratulations to Dean on his upcoming graduation. I can't wait to see more about the party!

  2. I get what you say about all of the music and choreography Anne has in her brain. It is astonishing! Our little dance group makes a show out of many brief numbers. That means that some of the kids are keeping choreography straight for 15-20 different routines. I'm boggled. Anne is lovely, and Dean looks great! I'm happy that everyone is reaching goals and thriving!

  3. I love that your state even offers a ceremony! That's great... though I'm pretty sure my boys would have opted to have a diploma mailed and just have a party at home with family anyway. Our state has nothing to do with homeschooling at all so I can graduate them whenever I feel they are ready and they'll get a diploma from us that we order on-line... somehow that just doesn't feel as official. It sure sound like you are all keeping busy.