Friday, March 6, 2020

Stretching and Growing

We have had an amazing last couple weeks. A week ago last Thursday Anne and I took off with 13 other teens and their dance teachers to attend the NC Dance Festival at The North Carolina School of the Arts. It was an incredible experience for all. The girls were challenged with eight classes that exposed them to a diverse palette of dance. The girls were divided into three different leveled groups which kept the chaperones hopping, getting everyone where they needed to go. The girls got to take classes in jazz, several ballet classes, musical theater, contemporary, pointe and character dance. Anne loved the jazz and musical theater classes the most. Each girl also had the opportunity to go through an official audition for the upcoming summer camp 5 week intensive. Anne took the ballet audition with the understanding that she would not be able to attend camp, even if she is selected. It is way out of our price range, and she can't leave her part-time job for that long. However, it was  a great experience to go through an audition.
Anne and her friend L were in the most advanced level for which our dance studio participants qualified.

Our whole group in the lobby of the hotel.
To keep costs down, we decided to stay in two hotel suites, which meant two chaperones and seven girls in each suite. We had three sleeping on the floor in each room. It was super crowded, but everyone got along great. We also brought our own food for dinner and lunch. The kids had sandwiches, fruit and juice boxes for lunch. For the dinners, we used a slow cooker to make loaded baked potatoes,spaghetti and a variety of sauces plus salad, and pizza on the last night. We made as much food at home as we could and warmed it up in slow cookers in the hotel room. 
Ballet Tech class

Jazz Improv class

My Leaping Daughter

We also had the delight of seeing two performances. We especially loved the winter showcase put on by the college. It was fun getting all dressed up and going into the city to a beautiful theater. It was a long and exhausting weekend...but so amazing. It was totally worth the long hours and lack of sleep. 

We got home after midnight on Sunday (Monday morning). My husband and boys did great on their all guy weekend. They followed the schedule and menu plan that I left them. They also had a wonderful time going to Target and buying all the snacks of their dreams! We spent Monday through Wednesday trying to chase off illness and doing a bit of school. I also went out to dinner with a friend who I haven't been out with in years. It was a lovely adult night.
My amazing dinner out
By the time Thursday rolled around, it was time for my sons and husband to head out for a long weekend in a neighboring state at a Belegarth competition. They are having a wonderful time sword fighting (with foam weapons), camping, cooking over open fires and generally being guys. Thanks to cell phones, I can keep in touch with them. The weather is a bit rough, so I have encouraged them to go to a hotel tonight since it might snow. But they haven't decided to "wimp out" yet. If they stay in the field overnight, they first will go to Walmart and get an extra sleeping bag or two to use as comforters over their existing sleeping bags. I hope they continue to have a great time. 


Their tents

There are moments in life when we get to stretch and grow a great deal in a short amount of time. This is one of those weeks. We are so blessed.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Wow!! What a lot of great experiences!! I hope the guys stay warm and learn a lot. It makes me want to take a trip . . . but then reality sets in.😁 Anne is a beautiful dancer!

  2. So much fun going on! Great idea about taking the crockpots on your trip!!

  3. I love the things your family does!

  4. This sounds like a great week for all! A little girls weekend, a little guy's time.. I love it.