Friday, May 1, 2020

A Quarantine Birthday and Goodbye April

The big news is Dean turned 18 this week! We had planned on taking a short trip to celebrate his big day, but the pandemic put a stop to that. So, I was left wondering what to do to make his day special. He loves getting mail and I thought he would enjoy getting lots of birthday cards. I put out a request on Facebook and he got showered with cards. They are still coming in. He said he had a really nice day and loved getting so many cards in the mail.

Lemon cake with lemon glaze

The stuffed animals were a gag gift and part of the "birthday poster bombing" of our front yard by two of his friends

The entire day moved at Dean's pace. We started the day with donuts. Then we played video games and went to Target for a new outfit shopping spree (complete with gloves and masks on). We got take out at Chick-fil-a for lunch. Then we broke mini pinatas filled with candy. We had dinner takeout from Farm Burger and homemade lemon cake. Grandma came and sat at the front door so she could watch the present opening and have dinner and cake "with us". He played for three hours online with his best friend and  another friend dropped off a lemon pound cake on our porch. It was all a great success.

It is hard to believe that we are wrapping up week 7 at home. I can hardly remember the last few days before the world stopped. It has been a shock. I hope I am not the only one who feels a bit brain dead some days. Most days go okay and others are really hard. The reality of this whole experience comes in waves. We are continuing the journey of cutting our own hair. This week Tim decided he couldn't take it anymore and submitted to our amateur skills.

School is moving at a great clip. We really are going to be done soon. We are still reading The Hobbit. Both teens are motivated to finish their least favorite subject, Physical Science. We are making some real strides. I told them if we didn't do it everyday it would be the only subject left and they would have to do it all day for a week or two. That motivated them to throw more energy into it. We did our very last Eureka Kit. It was a printing press and took us a long time to build this one. We learned more about the different types of levers and fulcrum points. 


I can't believe April is over and yet it took forever to pass. Time has become such a strange thing with this pandemic. 

Blessings, Dawn


  1. That printing press is amazing!!

    Your "amateur skills" at hair cutting look good to me. I think Tim looks great.

    Happy Birthday to Dean. I hope that adulthood treats him well. He looks happy in the pictures, and I'm glad you all have so many kind, fun friends to celebrate with.

    I quite like how you motivated your teens to do their physical science. :)

  2. I love that idea of showering him with cards for his birthday; sounds like you made it really special for him.

  3. Happy 18th birthday Dean!! Celebrating in April was definitely a challenge (we had 2 birthday's and an anniversary).

    He did a great job on the hair cut!

  4. Happy birthday Dean!! I can't believe he is 18!!

    I'm with the kids. Physical Science is my least favorite science.

    Hopefully this idea connects with my blog When I posted last week, it posted as homeschoolmom and I'm told there weren't any links/

  5. Happy Birthday to Dean. My youngest is turning 16 next month and I need to start planning something just in case we are still under lock down. My son and husband won't let me near their hair. lol Stay safe

  6. Happy belated birthday. My stepdaughter will be eighteen this November. How time flies by as I remember when she was a tiny baby. My younger two kids will be four years old in November. They are toddlers. My youngest is a baby only four months old now. Hope he had a good day!
    I do not teach science at all as I grew up in a Christian homeschooling family. Of all the subjects I think I find geography the hardest subject to teach. I end up using a lot of public school published resources for geography lessons to make sure that we are doing it right. History is a bit less difficult since I can subtly include drama in the lesson as well.
    We are starting our last official week of homeschooling tomorrow.