Saturday, September 12, 2020

Accomplishments, Balloons and Cats

 Our week flew by. We started the week with a trip to Ikea. It is about two hours away and has been on our list to do for over a year. Our nearest Ikea is in a city that has horrible traffic and so we usually don't choose to go there if we are considering a day trip. However, this was the week. We have a few family members that love Ikea and just like to wander around. We did get some new lighting for Elijah's room and a few kitchen odds and ends (like a cutting board and wooden utensils). We then went on to the mall and visited Lush which is the females in our family's favorite bath store. We only buy the bath bars and break them into lots of tiny pieces for lots of lovely baths.

Elijah decided with his job coach to just start looking for a job instead of doing lots of job shadowing. His job coach will help him develop a resume, fill out applications, and get through interviews. He also will work alongside of him for a few weeks after he is hired. I am thrilled with all of the support that is being offered to Elijah. I do wish he had been willing to work in a few different settings through the job shadowing program, but I also feel that Elijah needs to make his own decisions and have ownership of his life. He is much more likely to work hard for his own decisions and dreams. There really is no wrong answer and we are just so grateful for the support being offered. Elijah really wants to work at Target and we will see if there are openings and if his job coach can broker an opportunity there. We shall see what comes next. 

Elijah also went into the doctors for his physical on his own this time. It was his first time seeing a doctor on his own and advocating for himself. He did a great job and got all of our questions answered.

We got Anne's Marley dance floor and installed it this week. It was a necessary expense to protect her ankles on pointe. No more slipping. She will be taking two classes on zoom this fall and four classes in person with a mask and limited students in the building (as long as the cases stay under control in our area).

Our sweet kitties are the best of friends, but also double trouble. They knocked down the back door curtains and made themselves a bed this week. They were so proud of their accomplishment.

We got to celebrate with Anne's best friend,  JoJo for her 16th birthday before dance class in the park. She was shocked by the bouquet of balloons Anne bought her. I am so glad for friendships. These two girls have been friends for 11 years now.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. I've never been to Ikea, our closest one is up near DC and it's just not worth the traffic for me to even try.

    I'm glad Anne got her flooring so that she's safe when practicing en pointe.

    Glad Elijah is learning to advocate for himself. That's a hard lesson to learn at any age/stage of life.

  2. We've only been to Ikea once as our nearest one is also in a pretty crowded city and a good hour or so drive away. I hope Elijah gets to work for Target! That sounds like such a wonderful program.

    Anne's flooring is so pretty! It must be wonderful for her to have a place to practice without fear of injury.

  3. I think Elijah's choice to just find a job sounds good. I'll bet he's really wanting a sense of stability, and the idea of changing around might be overwhelming right now. I think Target would be lucky to have him.

    Hurrah for Anne and dance floors and dance classes!

    Oh, how friends make the difference! I'm glad there's a bit more contact these days than in the past few months. I certainly wish you all plenty of friends and good health!