Saturday, October 10, 2020

Wallpaper, Beauty and Gunshots

Twice this week we awoke to gunshots outside. The first time it was a few blocks away. The second time it was on our street and some shell casings were found on our next door neighbor's lawn. You might think we live in the hood, but you would be wrong. In fact, prices are so high in our neighborhood, we couldn't afford to move here if we weren't already here. I feel sorry for the families that just moved in to the brand new subdivision across the street and paid close to $400,000 to live there. They are probably more shocked than we are to find ourselves in unsafe surroundings. The police have no suspects at this time. They just know that cars were involved and that it seemed to be a drive by situation. Everything is so tense right now. It is exhausting. White Supremacists are threatening our local university this week, and it was on lockdown all day yesterday. Anne's friend who lives on campus was pretty frightened. They could only leave their dorm rooms to go to the bathroom. It is shocking how much hate is being flung around right now. Like I said before, I am just exhausted by all of the cruelty and hate.

In other home front news, Anne's friend still hasn't come back to dance. Her mother is still very sick from COVID-19. Our dance community is very concerned for them. 

Okay, got some of the stress out first. Now onto the fun and loveliness in the week. 

  • The leaves are changing. I love all of the colors.
  • Anne finished U.S. History II and Government.
  • I walked 11.5 miles this week. 
  • We went to the nature center as an early celebration of my husband's birthday, which is next weekend.
  • I at least got to talk to Elijah's job coach and was encouraged that supervisors were trying to push through the paperwork and get the ball rolling.
  • I painted and wallpapered my shelves that hold my crystal and pretty things.
I finally got to my pretty things shelving. They had not been painted in 40+ years. I painted the sides and ceilings white and then added toile wallpaper to the back and floors of the shelves. I am loving the results. I really need to paint the ceiling in the kitchen now. You know how it is -- when you make one corner pretty, the ugly looks uglier. Hopefully, I will get to the ceiling in November. I have a few smaller projects to do first.

We had a lovely time at the local nature center. We went in the morning during the week because Dear Husband had the day off. The nature center just reopened last week for the first time since March. It wasn't very crowded. The animals were very alert and excited to see new people. The kids loved the Red Pandas the most. Also, the goats and bears were really putting on a show. The mountain lion was majestic, as usual. The bears look so much smaller than they do when they are in my yard. LOL! The indoor houses were still closed so we couldn't see any of the reptiles. 

Stay safe, folks, and spread kindness. We need to remember that we are more alike than different. All of this hate, fear mongering and violent behavior hurts everyone. 

Blessings, Dawn


  1. So very sorry to hear about the issues in your neighborhood and at the college too. I've noticed that we're hearing sirens a lot more frequently now as well.

    Your shelving turned out really well. I love how the wallpaper sets the whole thing off!

  2. Yikes! That is scary about the bullet casings and university threats.

    Your shelf looks amazing! My son loves red pandas so much he's even dressed as one for Halloween.

  3. I honestly don't understand such hatred--what on earth makes people so angry and ugly? I'm grateful for beauty and love wherever I can find it, and I'm grateful that you're finding beauty, too. How I pray for peace to flood your heart. I sincerely hope Anne's friend's mother gets well soon. Sir Walter Scott is still nurse to covid patients, and he says that as far as he can see there's no real rhyme or reason to who has it mildly and who really suffers.

    Your cabinet is lovely! I hope you get a little frisson of joy every time you look at it. :)