Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Where Is the Snow?!

I know some of you are drowning in snow, but I haven't seen any here in the mountains of NC.  Boy, I would love a good snowfall.  So I was pondering the lack of snow in my neck of the woods today and remembered that months ago I had bought this great product for my kids who have Sensory Intergration Dysfunction ... Godilocks (6) and Tom Sawyer (4).  It's called SNOW MOBILITY  and it is put out by the company Claytronics-  It is this tiny container to which you add water.  Well we ended up with enough fake snow to fill the rice table and the kids had a blast this afternoon (even Mom and the teen got in on the fun).  It was so fluffy and soft and great sensory input for my little ones.  We added a bit more water which turned it into packing snow that the kids could make imprints with their hands and feet.  What great stuff.  It turned what was becoming a blah, cold afternoon into a day that felt like Christmas!  To make the product even more perfect, it brushed right off clothes and the broom swept up what hit the floor with no problem and it is supposed to last for weeks.  KID-TESTED AND MOM AND KID-APPROVED!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun!!! We have the real stuff but it's been too cold to play out there for long. Our kids got about 45 minutes yesterday with daddy and none today because daddy had to go to work and I have a sore throat and couldn't take them out.