Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April ~ Here we go!

As I sat down to plan the month of April, I knew we were facing a very busy month. However, I must admit that I was a bit surprised and panicked to find 55 events/appointments on the calendar! There are only 30 days in the month, after all.  There is only one day with no plans in the whole month. Some of the events are really special. Three birthdays, Easter, family coming for a visit, some field trips and the last day of this school year all happen in this month. There is also another 8 consecutive day loop of Tomatis therapy, numerous doctor appointments and the kids' classes. Yep, we are going to be really busy....

There are a lot of thoughts floating around in my head ~ finding balance, margin, priorities, homeschooling around the edges of life, child training,  building in downtimes, and how are we going to eat homemade meals every day?! But, the most important thing I want to achieve this month is keeping the JOY in our days. I want to remember what is really important.

Like taking walks and spending time with my family...
We have so much to be thankful for!

But, to keep JOY and PEACE in our days, there needs to be planning and preparedness.

The girls and I made enough homemade laundry detergent for the next 2 months.  We also made and froze six batches of gluten-free pancakes, gluten-free blueberry peach crisp, and gluten-free banana bread We also organized a menu plan. The boys (who are often in the kitchen) wanted to be outdoors on this warm day. They put away all of the winter sleds and gear and cleaned out the van. Cleaning the van was a BIG job! It was a mess. However, now that we have given up fast food (except for cold iced tea now and again), the van should stay cleaner.

I also need a bit of a reality check. A little reminder to me, so to speak.

A stack of papers on the table or the seemingly endless pile of laundry waiting to be folded is not what my children will remember when they are grown. What they will remember is Mommy greeting them with a smile on her face each morning, that Mommy was overjoyed to receive their little notes and artwork, that Mommy had time to listen to them and read to them.  So, I hope I can stay focused on getting through these very busy times with as much joy as possible and give a blind eye to the balls that will fall out of my juggling act. The important things will get done. I am so blessed to be home with my children and to have the energy and health to take care of them.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. 55 appointments in one month?????

    Wow, Dawn.

    And you still have time to make your own laundry soap, make freezer amounts of pancakes, peach crisp, etc...

    You have such a great perspective on things, too. You sound like a very loving mom - it is great that you are looking ahead to what is really important.


  2. You have such a wonderful perspective, Dawn.

    Way to go prepping ahead for what you can do. I'm sure you will enjoy your summer break even more after the whirlwind of April is passed.

  3. Oh, Dawn, I'm going to come back when I can read this post again...and again. If you don't mind, I'll probably link to it when I post my homeschool weekly wrap-up on tomorrow. I folded a load of clothes this morning, got the car to the shop, bought tortillas for breakfast, and am starting to work,(and here it's only 11:30 a.m.!) but chose to let Dad take our youngest to the Easter Egg Hunt, so I needed this timely reminder.

    55 appointments in 30 days--WOW! I guess I'll keep quiet about my schedule, huh? God bless you.

    Could you either post me back or write me offline ( to let me know what specific book and author you used for the Magna Carta? The fact that your son "enjoyed" it intrigues me; my daughter has yet to catch the classics fever--hers is more an attitude of "Okay, Mom"-like complacency/ apathy. It may always be that way over these next few years, but I'm trying to meet her halfway and at least put versions of books in front of her that she might appreciate. I have to say, though, we're reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and she LOVES it! I may be on to something...

    You always bless me, Dawn.


  4. The sad part is - even if I don't have 55 appts on the calendar, it's hard to find the balance and joy! (Especially this time of year when I REALLY don't want to be indoors doing chores that must be done.) :o)


  5. www.thepiratemom.comApril 5, 2010 at 10:01 AM

    Beautiful post, Dawn, and a great reminder. Thank you!


  6. You REALLY amaze me with all you get done. I TOTALLY hear you on wanting balance, margin, and I REALLY hear you on wanting JOY in what you do. I pray a peace and ability to get all these appointments met without stress. I pray that when a ball or two do fall you will be okay with it. I pray that you are able to have time with the Lord this month even if it means prayers being said as you drive to these appointments. God is with you no matter where you go.

    Praying Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

    In Him<><


  7. Love this post and it's a great reminder to me too. Our month is also looking very hectic. I too want to purpose to spend our days with joy - and not let chaos take over. Thanks friend!



    PS Are you going to NCHE this year?