Friday, October 8, 2010

I Did It!!!

When Little Red Ridinghood said she wanted a princess tea party for her 7th birthday, I knew a castle cake was in order.  We saw one that was adorable at our grocery store for $40!!!! That is to steep for my budget, so I decided to make my own.  I know it is not all that great next to those who are cake making experts, but I am relieved to be done making this castle cake.  It came out very much like I hoped it would. The corner towers are toliet paper rolls with princess Christmas wrapping paper and ice cream cones on top.  I also used lots of princess figurines that we already owned. I dyed the coconut green with food coloring.  Total cost for my version of a castle cake~$8.  Now that is more like it.

Now I just have to put together the example craft and finish cleaning the house.  Hopefully, I will be back with lots of pictures of her princess birthday party by the end of the weekend.




  1. How cute! I hope the party is wonderful :)

  2. That came out so well, Dawn! Very cute. Can't wait to see pictures of the party... :)

  3. So what did you do with the $32 you saved? LOL.
    Great job. And truly it's more special when you invest the time in it. At least I think so -- I've got the love language of quality time.

  4. I think it looks cute!
    In fact, i have to make a b'day cake for our little girl tomorrow and I might just use your idea as it looks very do-able.

  5. Wahoo ! You did such a good job ! *grin* I made a castle cake for my youngest and boy what that a challenge. ( )

    It is wonderful the fun continues at your home. ((HUGS))

    Blessings and ((HUGS))
    In Him<

  6. Love your cake. You did a great job!!! Hope the birthday party is lots of fun!


  7. Very very cute!! I love it!! I also make my kids cakes. too expensive to buy them!

  8. I love the green coconut! What a great idea. You made a great cake! I hope it tasted as good as it looked.
    You post reminds me of a birthday party I had for my youngest daughter (pre-blogging days, it would have made a good post!).
    I seen this beautiful Barbie doll cake in the Walmart bakery. The half barbie doll on top, the cake as the dress.... I bought it.....
    The day of the party, all of the mothers of the little girls standing around as we sang happy birthday....then I cut into the cake. Surprise! The cake was just a display - it was styrofoam with icing on it.

    Embarrassed, at course! but it gave my brother plenty of fodder for the rest of my life to kid me. Now, everytime we have a birthday party, he asks me if the cake is styrofoam :) what are brothers for, to remind you for the rest of your life one of your most embarrasing moments!
    Love, Antoinette