Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Boxes for the Elderly

My children love doing the shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, so when I saw an ad to make shoe boxes for Meals On Wheels, I knew it was a charity for us.  Sure enough, the kids were very excited to make a box.  We tried to make a unisex box for an elderly couple.
We filled it with exotic teas, a 500 piece Christmas puzzle, good smelling soap, Christmas CDs (used but in great shape), lotion and powder, a Christmas romance book (again, read first by me) and a wrapped surprise (a Santa decoration). It was a nice change making a box for an adult.  When we dropped off the box at Meals on Wheels, the room was bulging with Christmas boxes.  It was wonderful to see all of the loving hands that had made an elderly or disabled adult's day more pleasant.  We will do this charity again next year.

UPDATE ON TOM SAWYER ~ His fever broke mid-day Saturday.  Thanks for all of your prayers and advice.  He is still tired and not eating very well.  However, he is a sweeter, more creative child.  We have noticed this before and it lasts for a few days after a high fever.  His doctor thinks he has trouble  detoxing and that the high fever detoxed him.  We are looking at more ways to help him detox every day.  His doctor suggests sauna treatments, Epsom salt baths, drinking lots of water, trampoline jumping and looking into the NAET Clearing program.  Denise, I will be contacting you about homeopathic ideas for fevers.  I will be working on making a safe medication cabinet.  Surprisingly, the Infant dye-free Advil seems to have worked.  He is not reacting from it, even though we gave him an entire bottle over the three days.  I guess that batch did not have corn in the glycerine.



  1. Have you heard of Bioray the Natural Detox Company? It was suggested to me by a doctor to get my Missy on the Cyto-Flora. He said he had seen some marked improvements in children's speech and other learning abilities when using that. I went on to use their Liver Cleanser. THe child was so incredibly toxic though that she broke out in sores so I had to pull back and finally just stopped and put her on a super simple plant based diet and lots of water - also went gluten free and dairy free for more than a year. Now we are ready to try the liver detox again. I believe it makes a difference. www.bioraynaturaldetox.com

  2. That's a great box you put together! I am a member of Heart4Seniors and had a great time putting together a box for my seniors this year. It is fun to go on the opposite end of the spectrum and remember the elderly.

  3. What a neat thing to do boxes for the elderly! I haven't heard of this one!

    So glad Tom Sawyer is feeling better! I know one of my friends has seen a fever detox her child too. Really amazing! Hope you find a good remedy.


  4. I read this but didn't comment! I'm glad that Tom Sawyer is feeling better. That's so interesting about the personality changes after a high fever. I've looked into NAET but haven't pursued it yet. The Epsom salt baths are great, but tough on a child with sensory issues. The trampoline has been wonderful.

    I love the shoebox for Meals on Wheels. I wonder if they do that everywhere? I'll have to check it out!