Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real ~ Field Trips!

We are trying to do a field trip every two weeks for the rest of the school year.  So far, we are having lots of fun and learning lots of great things, too.

One of the prettiest field trips we've taken in the last month was to an historic home in our area.  The rooms were decorated for Christmas 1870's style.  The tour was great and fit in perfectly with our history studies (since I am covering all of the 1800s this year in history with the kids).

Happy ~
Timothy and I had the opportunity to attend a Bar Mitzvah this past weekend.  I have wanted to attend a Bar or Bat Mitzvah since I was a young teenager.  When I was being raised in the Quaker faith, we attended different faiths as part of our Religious Education classes.  We were told that we were attending a Bat Mitzvah and studied all about the Jewish faith.  Then something fell through, and we did not get to go.
The ceremony for my son's friend was so beautiful.  He had put in a tremendous amount of work for this coming-of-age ceremony.  Of course, we could not understand a great deal of the service, because it was in Hebrew, but the emotions were very clear.  We attended all three events, including the Friday night service, the Saturday Bar Mitzvah and the Saturday night party after the Sabbath had ended.  His parents made so many special, meaningful additions throughout the event.  The yarmulke (cap) in the above picture was given to my son to wear during the service.  I received one as well.  They will be great additions to our Religious and Cultural studies.

Funny ~
We enjoyed exploring our science museum's new location.  It has moved to an indoor mall that has been dying.  I hope it will help revitalize the area.  I thought this picture was funny from our time there.
We attended the Martin Luther King, Jr. march in our area on Monday.  It was bone cold (at least for us Southerners).  The kids complained way too much about the cold for my liking.  However, they did understand that we were marching for peace and equality for the human race.  I am glad they had this opportunity.  My Mom raised me to participate in many demonstrations every  year in the Washington, D.C. area as a child (and, yes, even if it was in snow or bitter cold).  Our favorite way to celebrate Mother's Day was to attend a demonstration for peace or social justice. This was my little kids first time being part of a demonstration.  There were an estimated 2,000 marchers.  Not bad for a small city like ours.

Don't they look thrilled to be walking for freedom, LOL!
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  1. Awesome field trips! Looks like so much fun :)

  2. Great field trips. Your right...they don't look too happy about the march! My kids look back at photos like that and laugh.

  3. Wow, that MLK march was certainly a life lesson :) How wonderful to participate in that with your children. We always watch a movie "Selma Lord Selma" and it shows the difficulties faced during those times.

    Love that "pretty" field trip, too! My girls would certainly LOVE that one :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, Tamara

  4. Love your field trip goal! We do at least 2 a month too and have just added a third to our schedule. I do love field trips! :-) You do a great job at incorporating so many things into your lives. Thanks for sharing it all.

  5. Great field trips! Once again, Tom Sawyer reminds me so much of J, who is not at all thrilled about field trips in cold weather!