Sunday, May 6, 2012

Science Party!

A few months ago, my kids won first prize for their join project for The Festival of Knowledge.  The prize was a science party put on by Hightouch Hightech.  This organization exposes children to the world of science in a very exciting way!  They had several choices of parties.  We decided to go with the Sizzilin' Science party that had a variety of experiments.  Trying to be more frugal, we are not having birthday parties (outside the family) for the children this year.  So instead we threw an "end of the year" party for the kids.  Although school is not quite out yet, this is when Hightouch Hightech had an opening.  Each could invite a few friends.  The kids started off making space mud.  Several of them did not want to touch the space mud because it was so sticky.
Next, they made volcanoes using a baking soda slurry.  I never made the baking soda into a slurry before.  It sure made for an exciting explosion!
I didn't think the kids could get anymore excited.  However, the scientist pulled out the Hair Raising static electricity machine.  Oh my, were they excited.  My pictures do not really show how much their hair stood up.

If that was not exciting enough, they moved onto launching water rockets. These rockets really took off. One went all the way over our neighbor's house and into their driveway.

The kids who weren't helping to put off the rockets enjoyed standing in the splash zone.  You can see the spray of water in one of the pictures.  After launching several rockets, the kids did a winding down activity.  They enjoyed playing with tornado bottles.
What a fun party!  Plus, its low cost made it even more fantastic -- a total of $40, including balloons, food (water and juice bottles, watermelon, chips, and fruit roll ups), and party favors (bubbles with a lollipop attached).

One funny ~ We have always had mixed age and gender parties with all of the kids playing together.  However, this time the boys and girls separated.  The girls went out on the trampoline and played Duck, Duck, Goose and the boys played with Legos.  I guess they are growing up.  I better enjoy it while this stage lasts.  LOL!
I am joining Science Sunday.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Looks like y'all had a great time! I won a science party too a year or so ago and we had great fun with it as well! Loved all of your pictures!

  2. That looks like such a fun place to go! Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!