Friday, July 6, 2012

Dry Ice, Water and Soap!

We had a wonderful time playing with dry ice on the 4rth of July.  The kids have made mini dry ice bombs in film cans many times.  This time I introduced them to the joy of soap added to dry ice and water.  First we started off with traditional dry ice in water.  The kids were impressed with how cold the water got.
We then added just a touch of dish soap to the edges and ran a soap soaked cloth over the top.  The bubbles immediately started to form.  The bubbles can be picked up and played with.  When you squeeze them together they pop into a gas form and disappear.

Very quickly our beloved collection of film cans came out and the experiments of dry ice bubble bombs got under way.

So much fun!  This activity lasted over an hour.  A total hit in this Mom's book.  The next day we made bubble snakes.  You place a sock over a water bottle (with the bottom of bottle cut off) and soak it in a soap solution.  Then blow with all your might.  We never did get one to touch the ground before breaking.  A better tutorial is here.

I am linking to Living Life Intentionally.  We have dry ice at our local grocery store. 

Blessings, Dawn


  1. This looks like LOTS of fun! Where did you get dry ice?

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! I was just as curious as the commenter above...I don't know where one would get dry ice??

    Have a wonderful Saturday!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun!! What a fantastic idea!! Enjoy your summer!

  4. I've never worked with dry ice and am afraid to but this looks cool. I confess I'm still a bit confused though. I'm sort of wondering how I could work it in to our studies.