Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chores, Chores, Chores and a Little Bit of Fun

Today we got a lot of chores done.  After my entry on how my kiddos do laundry, some of you asked how my kids do other chores.  For the most part, the big teen works alone and the little ones work as a group.  The little ones enjoy doing most chores and are always eager to use the spray bottle and anything that involves water.  The big teen did lots of chores today, too, but begged to be left out of the photos.  The photos show them cleaning the bathroom floor, the kitchen cabinets, and the kitchen floor.  Of course, this process is not flawless.  The kitchen floor was actually washed on Saturday, but they dripped so much that they ended up doing the kitchen floor again.  Too bad I couldn't catch Tom Sawyer jumping on the wash rag.  But you can see his feet doing more of the work than his hands.

They have been emptying the dishwasher for a long time but are just learning how to fill it.  There was a lot of discussion on how to fill up all the empty spaces.  They were very pleased when they got to put the soap in.  Notice that Little Red Ridinghood doesn't put her doll down even during chores. 

As the saying goes ~ All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  In their free playtime today, the girls put on a mega birthday party for most of their dolls and the boys played with Playmobil.  The girls served imaginary purple and pink cake and 10 different flavors of ice cream.  Sounds like a fun party, huh?

We are supposed to get serious snow/wintry mix tonight.  I hope it is more snow than wintry mix.  I have a very fun-filled day of snow science and crafts planned, so I hope it really shows up.  You never can tell in the South.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. With all that ice cream, I sure hope I'm invited! What a fun imaginary party!

  2. We do group chores, too! Or at least used to. The older one prefers to do her own nowadays. But working together as a group helped me teach them how to do the work correctly (and make sure they were doing it!) Little one and I still work together regularly. :)

  3. My dd used to take her favorite set of soft keys with her everywhere when she was a year old. She never put them down for anything. They are in every picture of her. Then a few years later, I think it was Miss Dolly, who is very soft and worn out from 14 years...who still comes to school with us on occasion. ;)



  4. What fun!!! So many busy hands!! You're such a good momma!! :-) Just catching up a bit. I LOVE all of the pictures. I'm on dial up so it takes a while to load them all--but so worth the wait!! Blessings!! Kris

  5. and even better when we get to enjoy their playtime. Looks like you have some great little helpers there. How do you get them to work together so nicely?

  6. Fun pictures! :) I'm hoping to grab the camera for more day to day type photos this year.

    Little Miss Princess (almost 2) loves her babies, too.

  7. Wow, that's inspiring. I've been wanting to get a chore chart going for the kids; they need to do more.