Tuesday, January 8, 2008

We Got Snow!

We got some snow last week!  We only got 1 inch but at least we got something.  The sledding was a little bit sad, but we pushed ourselves along.  I had to joke with my dh about how we have become real Southerners!  You see, after last year of having no snow, I was not totally prepared for snow weather.  My ds (5) didn't have any boy mittens so ended up out in the snow with white mittens with flowers.  My dd (7) wore a boy's snowsuit because she was the closest to the size of the snowsuit, and my other two did not have any snow pants so they had on double layers.  It was a bitter 18 degrees when we stepped out the door at 9 am.  The kids started asking if we could go out at 6:45 am.  I was pleased that they lasted outside for an hour, and we all had a fun time.  Well, hopefully, we will have more snow this year!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. That is one beautiful inch! Yes, welcome to the south...where we get excited about even frost sometimes.

  2. You all are so blessed, this looks like a ton of fun!

  3. We don't usually get much if any snow here, but this year we have had a lot (for us). We actually had 3 inches this morning and are told we will get more tonight, maybe up to 5 more inches! Weird!

  4. Wow! It was so warm today, it felt like spring!



  5. Fun, fun!! We love snow around here-- looks like the kids enjoyed themselves! :)

    We have had snow all december long and then the oddest thing.....it warmed up so much - we are in the 50's and 60's!! Crazy Missouri weather!



  6. We have been having nice weather here. Today we were in the low 60's. It will probably be nice up till Easter and then like last year, we will have snow. LOL.

  7. Hi Dawn! Loved visiting tonight and seeing your pictures of snow...sniff, sniff. I won't be seeing that pretty white stuff for a long time here in Hawaii.

    Your slideshow on the sidebar is really neat!

    Have a great weekend!


  8. Your snow is so pretty! The boys got sleds for Christmas that they're so anxious to go sledding...but we were actually in the 70's this week!

    Thank you SO much for your comment about a possible underlying cause of my oldest's discontent being the fact that he's at home with younger, special needs kids. I'd never thought of that before, but I think you may be right. He's been making a lot of comments recently about not liking being the oldest and how hard it is.

    Now...what to do about it??

    Thanks again!


  9. We're supposed to get some good snow tomorrow. They have no "snow gear" so we'll be watching it from inside.

  10. We actually had some decent snow this year even if it didn't last too long. I'm hoping we get some more, but this was already far more than we usually get.