Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January ... A Day in the Life

For those who are new to following my blog, I post a day in our homeschool life once a month.  Here is the January edition.

My day started off on the rough side of things.  I spent about 15 minutes helping my husband shovel snow and ice away from his car so he could leave for work and away from the trash can so it could be moved to the curb.  I was still in my pajamas and it was still dark!!  While I was outside, the kids got every animal in the house out of their cages. OY! When I walked into the house, Periwinkle, our parakeet, flew by. Snowflake, the gerbil, was running around; and our dog, Lady, was watching Buttercup's every move. Recipe for disaster, but none happened, thank goodness!

This is Goldilock's new baby rat, Buttercup.

Thankfully, the day calmed down.  The kids got their morning chores done and ate breakfast.  We are in the first week of trying a new style of homeschooling, having a theme to each day.  Today's theme was science and cooking.  The kids were excited to get started because they love science.  They were not so motivated yesterday, which is music day.  We started off with Quaker Silence.  This is a period of a few minutes where we sit and pray quietly. (It is good practice in being still.) We ended our silent time with The Lord's Prayer.  The kids then got down to working on Explode the Code, Math, and reading and spelling games.

We are in between reading chapter books right now, so for literature I read them the fairytale, The Lion and The Mouse.   Finally, it was time for Science!!!

We pulled out one of the science kits the kids got for Christmas and had a blast.  We made instant snow, magic sand, played with  several different polymers and energy beads (that change color in bright light).  The kids liked making rainbow crystals the best.

So I could take a phone call, the kids took a break and played Carmen SanDiego on the computer.  When I got off the phone, everyone was hungry, so we started cooking class.  Goldilocks (10 yr) made organic hot dogs for everyone, and Little Red Ridinghood (7 yr) made organic cherry vanilia ice cream sodas.  They made everything themselves.

After our lovely lunch, we headed out to do some sledding.  We had the hill to ourselves today.  It was more ice than snow at this point, and we flew down the hill.  We did not even need sleds as Little Red Ridinghood demonstrated while pretending to be an otter.

When we got home, it was the boys' turn to have cooking lessons.  Tim (20 yr) made a delicious organic stuffing, potato, and turkey casserole.  Tom Sawyer (8 yr) made a lemon cake.  Both foods made for a delightful dinner.

Yes, our table did look that messy by the end of the day.  Thanks for noticing. LOL The day was finished off with running Tim out to a make-up fencing class.  It was a fun and messy day.



  1. We used to have that science was so much fun!
    Looks like your day went well after the initial shock. I can only imagine your face when you came in and saw all the critters out. LOL! I'm sure it wasn't quite so funny at the time.

  2. I know that science kit. It was the one Tracy( Kidcraze sent us) *grin* Yes my boys favorite subjects are science and History. You all always seem to be up to something fun.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))
    In Him<><