Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kid's Art

I love to see my kids drawing and painting.  However, they are very prolific.  I can not keep it all but want to keep several pieces from each year of their childhoods.  My mother kept several scrapbooks of my artwork, and I have enjoyed looking at them over the years.  I decided to make the same thing for my kids a few years ago.  Because I am too busy to paste in each masterpiece as it is produced, I store the best in the bottom drawer of my desk.  Then every few months (about twice a year) I bring out all of the artwork.

I sort all of the artwork by child and eliminate anything that is not as special as I thought at the time.  Then, I trim each art piece down so it will fit in the scrapbook.  Hint ~The larger the scrapbook the better.

I always use an archival photo safe glue stick to paste down the kids artwork.  I try to write a sentence or two about each picture.  Another fun idea I want to add to the scrapbooks this year is to take pictures of the kids' 3D projects and paste them into the scrapbook. 

My Little Red Ridinghood's scrapbook.

The children enjoy looking through their books and seeing what they have created so far.  I am sure they will enjoy them for many years to come.  I am able to drop the "Mommy Guilt" of tossing many of my children's artistic efforts, because I know that their best is stored away safe and sound.



  1. I do a similar scrapbooking idea, where I take pictures of the kids' artwork, and then make a yearbook of all their best work, along with pictures of us homeschooling each subject. I do it on the computer, and the children can see their artwork at the click of a mouse!

  2. I really like this idea, Dawn. I struggle with wanting to keep everything, and it's just impossible. I like the idea of doing it twice a year rather than as it's produced. I do take pictures of my children's projects but I haven't gotten it together to put them into albums!

  3. What a beautiful way to preserve their artwork!

  4. Great idea! I have not been good about saving things. We do keep our notebooks for FIAR though and it has a lot of artwork.

    One of my friends scanned her kids pics and then developed them into a book (like the kind you get from shutterfly). It was neat too.