Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Loving Homeschooling

I have lots to post and very little time to do it.  So here is a peek of our last week of school in pictures.

We had an opportunity to meet some mechanical dinosaurs up close and personal.  The kids even got to handle the controls and make the dinosaurs move.  They were all life size and many of them made sounds.  It was a great chance to talk about lifts and pulleys too.

We had a bit more play with polymers.  Here are some very flexible marbles that are fun and lovely colors.

There was also an amazing field trip and homeschool class at our local science museum.  We got to go into a skylab and see many constellations and learn our way around the stars in our local sky.  I did not get any pictures, but this class was a highlight of our whole year.  It was right up my Tom Sawyer's alley, as he is very interested in astronomy.

Then we dabbled and splattered a bit with Jackson Pollock.  One thing you can say about this artist.  It sure is fun splattering paint!!

Last, but not least!  Princess play is always an enjoyable pastime.  My little princess can play dress up for hours...

Happy homeschooling folks.  Enjoy this precious time with your children.  Look past the clutter and endless chores and enjoy your pricesses and princes.



  1. What a fun week!!! Sounds like you had some great adventures! Loved the reminder too! I'm going to try to hold onto that one!


  2. Looks like everyone is having fun! I'm not brave enough to introduce my children to Pollock.

  3. How wonderful! And I am looking past the clutter this week...The Lord is showing me just what it is that is important.
    Can you share more about the marbles? They look very interesting.

  4. Very cool!
    My princesses want me to dress up with them this week :)

  5. What a fun post with a great reminder! Thanks, Dawn!