Friday, July 12, 2013

Lots of Field Trips

This week Goldilocks was at Mayan Princess Day Camp. It was a fun adventure for her. She played many games that involved patience, teamwork and silence. She also learned more aerial arts and some gymnastics. She made a club, cape and headpiece. They did lots of mini acting skits and learned about Mayan culture. On the last day, they went to the camp director's home for a cookout and pool party. It was a busy week with loads of social skills work.  She did a good job. Now comes the tough part ~ will she fall apart over the next week? Sometimes the time after a big event is very hard on her.

Meanwhile, Tom Sawyer, Little Red Riding Hood and I had a field trip week.

Monday ~ We stood in a long line to sign up for free Red Cross swimming lessons (they start next week). We rewarded ourselves by going out to our favorite ice cream parlor (one that serves ice cream that has no high fructose corn syrup). We stayed awhile to enjoy their air conditioning and played PacMan.

Tuesday ~ We took a trolley ride around our city. You can read more about it here. This was a wonderful introduction to our study of architecture. We also enjoyed having lunch at our city's food truck gathering. Instead of hot dog stands, in our city we have a parking lot where a variety of vans are gathered together to sell ethnic food. They serve delicious, restaurant quality meals for a fraction of the cost (because they have such low overhead). Many of them have skilled chefs who cannot afford to open a restaurant.

Wednesday ~ We went to Splashville. This is a free waterpark right in front of city hall. It is a great place to cool off. We got there early and the kids had it all to themselves for about an hour.

Thursday ~ We had a calm morning at home to catch up on chores and phone calls. The kids also did lots of reading for their reading logs as well as some writing. Then in the afternoon, the kids loved having some friends over for a double play date.

Friday ~ Since the weather was finally behaving, we got to go to the pool. We had a lovely time for about 1.5 hours before Tom Sawyer was worn out and it was time to go. In the evening, we went to Chick-Fil-A dressed up as cows for our free dinner. Everyone enjoyed this one ~ even Daddy.

The Weather ~ While we saw some daytime sun this past week, we got lots more rain almost every night. The flooding in our area is bad and some of it is in different places than usual, so there is more damage than in the past. Many people have needed to be rescued from their homes, and a few homes have slid down the slopes. There have been dozens of mudslides. We have sink holes all over the county. One of our fire stations was caught up in a flash flood when a river came over its banks. No one was hurt, but lots of equipment was ruined. It amazes me that all of this is going on within 6 miles of us. We are blessed to be mostly unaffected right where we live.
This is a local park completely under water.
Blessings, Dawn

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  1. Dawn how fu with all the field trips! Love Splashville! Have a great week!

  2. What a wonderful week you had!! We are staring up in a few weeks for half days only until Sept. Trying to get them back into the swing of it and go to a more year round school schedule. I'm hoping that this will work better for us having more breaks.

    Will pray for your son. You posted on another blog about the scare for him and I pray that you know results quickly!!