Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our Math Plans for 2013 - 2014

This year I have three students to teach. I will be taking a different approach with two of them. Little Red Riding Hood (4th grade) and Tom Sawyer (6th grade) will be using the same learning style. They will be using Teaching Textbooks Levels 4 and 5 this year. One is halfway done with Teaching Textbooks Level 4 while the other is almost done with that level. My kids really like Teaching Textbooks and look forward to doing math.

We will also be working our way through the last of the elementary Life of Fred books. We are currently reading Edgewood. These are a wonderful reinforcement of math skills and are very funny books. The kids love them.

We will also be doing many living math books. We will be doing some of the Sir Cumference series and the Warlord's series this year. The kids really enjoy hands-on activities and math makes more sense in the context of everyday life.

My plans for Goldilocks (supposed to be a 7th grader) is another story. If you are new here, Goldilocks has Reactive Attachment Disorder and Fetal Alcohol Disorder. She is also struggling mightily this year with adoption issues. She is not even sure she wants to live with us right now, because the structure of a family is so hard for her to handle. I am baffled when it comes to this child's education this year. I can't even decide what grade she belongs to. She can add most of the time, rarely subtract, barely multiple and kinda sorta divide. Remembering to borrow? Forget it... She is completely against my teaching her any subject. This year I am taking a hands-off approach with this child. She will still be learning ~ just not directly from me. She will be going to a math tutor one to two times a week as long as I see a benefit from it. She will also be working with free math sites around the Web. One site that I like, so far, is This site only takes 10 minutes a day and it emails a report to the parents once a week. 

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Blessings, Dawn


  1. We are using the Warlord series this year, too. I love your combination. Sam likes Teaching Textbooks, too, but James had a real hard time with it.

  2. Your plans look great. We're also planning a living maths curriculum - I'm going to look at Warlord. Goldilocks is blessed to have you, you are obviously committed to her learning and wellbeing. Lucinda

  3. Your plans look great. I have not looked at the Life of Fred books, although I hear fantastic things about them.
    I will be praying for Goldilocks and for your family. You are a wonderful mother and very committed to helping her and providing a loving and nurturing home. I pray that this year goes well with the tutor.

  4. All these curriculum posts are so interesting. You look like you've got your maths sorted for the year! We're still playing about with ideas here.
    I do hope you all, and especially Goldilocks, have a great year ahead of you.

  5. Some good ideas for Math. It is my least favorite subject to teach. I am so sorry you are having difficulties with Goldilocks. I know that everything will work out. I am praying she will LOVE her Math tutor. Hugs and blessings!