Monday, December 23, 2013

A Church Community

Last Easter I mentioned that we were trying out a new church. I was excited because I thought we may have finally found the right fit. Since then we have attended almost every week. Dare I say that we have found our new church family? Yes, I think we have. The church is a good size but has only about a dozen kids in the same age range (8 to 13) as my brood.  At first, I thought this was a con for the church, but now see that it is a pro. The kids are making solid friends with the other children.

One thing that is so remarkable about this church is how much they embrace children.  They say right in their bulletin that children are welcome and encouraged to be in church during all parts of the service. The remarkable thing is that they really mean it! They are happy to meet kids where they are and are accepting of a little bit of kid noise/movement. They understand that kids are kids. When it is appropriate, they are encouraged to play.

This church is very community minded and encourages every member to do charity work. There are opportunities monthly or even more often to do charity work. Just this month alone, they have been collecting gifts for a disadvantaged high school in our area, collecting money for a no-kill animal shelter (idea suggested by the kids), collecting money for retired clergy who have fallen on hard times, and made blankets for the Linus Project. They also do inter-generational Sunday school classes every few weeks. What a great opportunity for the young to form relationships with older members and find role models.
Making blankets in an inter-generational Sunday school class
This church is progressive and that is the perfect fit for our family. There is always something to do for social justice, the poor or abused. We love how this church is progressive but also embraces traditions. It is filled with high church music and Christian symbolism. It is so lovely to be somewhere that we are embraced for who we are and encouraged to meet our highest potential and then serve others. I love that!

This past Sunday my kids were part of the creche service. Little Red Riding Hood and Tom Sawyer carried Mary and Joseph porcelain figures to the altar and placed them. It was so cute watching each child place the pieces on the alter. No one seemed at all concerned that little ones were holding (all through the service) and carrying breakable figures. They were just relaxed and enjoying Christmas.

On Christmas eve the kids will have the opportunity to be in a live nativity at church. It is good to be home.

Blessings, Dawn

PS -- Thank you, Dad, for my new camera. It works great. It will work even better once I figure it out...LOL! All of these pictures were taken without the flash and the last picture was taken from the very back of the about zoom!! THANK YOU!


  1. That is wonderful. I wish my church was more kid-friendly. Our homeschool group is small, however, and I see my kids making solid friendships there.

  2. That's wonderful you found a church home that is kid friendly. I am very grateful for our church which is kids friendly and special needs friendly. We aren't large but the kids stay active and can't wait to go every time the doors are opened.

    What a blessing for you and your family to find a home.

  3. This post makes me happy! So thankful that you have found a great church home! It is a huge blessing, isn't it?