Sunday, December 1, 2013

Two Homemade Advent Calenders

I bought a Lego advent calender on sale months ago for Tom Sawyer. However, I didn't have advent calenders for the girls. I decided to make calenders this year. These are not "perfect", but they were very simple and inexpensive to  make. The girls were so pleased to see them this morning.

A Teddy Bear Advent Calender

For Little Red Riding Hood I recycled her pin the nose on the teddy bear poster from her birthday party. Grandma made the bear poster, and I wanted to use it again.
I added a Christmas tree and presents with permanent markers and kids paint. Then I added the numbers randomly with a liquid silver pen.
Then I took a craft knife and cut little doors around the numbers.
Lastly, I taped treats to the back of each door. I then added string to place it up on her bedroom wall.

A Toilet Paper Advent Calender

For Goldilocks I made a Christmas tree advent calender. I took toilet paper rolls and cut them in half. I glued them down into a Christmas tree shape and painted the outside of the rolls green with kids paint. Once everything dried, I added treats to each compartment.
I then cut out construction paper circles and added numbers with a liquid silver pen. We then ended up taping them down. I am sure there was a better way, but nothing was coming to my husband or me last night and our time was up. It works as long as her advent calender lays flat.

We also do a family advent book each day. To see our list of Christmas books for this year, go here.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. I love them! Especially the toilet paper one. It's so simple yet so clever and effective. Well done Dawn!!

  2. great little one is wanting the lego advent
    blessings on your home school journey