Friday, August 29, 2014

Week 6 Wrap-Up ~ Baseball, Ice and Currency

Take Me Out to the Ball Game ~ 

We started our sixth week of school with a bang! We wanted to go to another baseball game before the season ended. Our local Goodwill joined up with the Tourists baseball team to give out free tickets. We were able to trade nine pieces of clothes for three free tickets to the night time game. The kids and I had a blast. We won three gift cards to a chicken joint. We don't know how much they are worth yet. They could be worth anywhere from $1 to $100 each! Little Red Riding Hood always wants to sign up for one of the games on the field. This time she got to do the pony hop game. She came in second and won two tickets to the state fair which starts next week! Lastly, we had funnel cake and cotton candy. Thanks to a few extra supplements, Tom Sawyer didn't have any reaction to the ingredients. The whole evening cost only nine bucks!

Paddle To The Sea

We are enjoying our unit study on Paddle to the Sea. I love the map that came with the unit study and the kids are slowly filling it in as we cover new geographical areas in the story. I plan on making a salt dough map of the Great Lakes with them at the end of the unit. We enjoyed reenacting the canoe sitting on the hill of snow waiting for it to melt. Our boat slid down the hill in the same way described in the story.

Cricket In Time Square

I have always loved this story and the kids can't get enough of it. We are following the Beyond FIAR unit study. This week we studied U.S. currency, the terrors of poaching elephants for ivory, New York City, and how to write a story from an animal's perspective. The kids really like this style of writing. We will be writing a story next week from an animal's perspective.

I inherited these ivory necklaces a few years ago. I imagine they were purchased long before the ban on trading or selling ivory.

Other School ~ 
We finished the book,  Then There Were Five. What a lovely story. We just have one more to go in the series. Little Red Riding Hood finished the first book in The Sister's 8 series. I am so glad to see her reading taking off. Tom Sawyer is doing well in his writing class out of the home. The class uses the Orton-Gillingham approach, which is very good for children with reading, writing, and spelling difficulties that are similar to dyslexia.

The Rest ~
This was a really hard week for our son, Timothy. He had a lot of anxiety and unfounded anger. Apparently, he is having a bad reaction to yet another asthma medication. It seems there is none that he can take without having bad reactions. So he stopped all his medication yesterday and is feeling much better today. It is such a hard journey to find medications that his body can handle.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. I planned for us to do the whole Paddle to the Sea study provided free by the state of Ohio (you can just google it if you haven't heard of it), but we ended up not getting very far because our year was just out of hand last year. Enjoy it!

  2. Such a fun week and great baseball outing. I hope that Tim's medication gets straightened out.

  3. Wow, what a fun time. I will be praying for Tim as well as Goldilocks.

  4. What a lovely week! I'm so pleased school is going so well for you all. We start back tomorrow.
    I'm sorry Tim isn't doing so well. I'll be praying for him!