Friday, August 1, 2014

Week 3 ~ Milestones

This week was filled with milestones. 

Tim ~ Our son Timothy recently passed his first anniversary at the brain injury day program he attends four days a week. It has been such a blessing to him. This week the day program had a party to celebrate their fifth year serving our area. We are very glad they opened a program in our area. Timothy has the opportunity to have so many experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

Timothy and Tom Sawyer playing pool at the party.
The great staff that cares for all of the clients.
Tom Sawyer ~ Tom Sawyer finally started pool therapy in addition to continuing regular physical therapy. He is doing well, although they seem to find some new concern or weakness each time he is examined. He had a few small scares this week, but he seems to be really learning how to stop and take care of himself when he feels a strange pop of his muscles.

Little Red Riding Hood ~ Little Red Riding Hood went on her very first sleepover this week. She had a wonderful time. She loved every minute of it and can't wait to do it again someday. In addition to the sleepover, she attended a free crocheting class at the local craft store. In just one short lesson, she learned how to crochet. Before the day was out, she had made a hat for her stuffed bear.

Eating breakfast with the twins at the sleepover.

Goldilocks ~ I wish I could say that Goldilocks had passed a milestone. Well, she has been out of our home for a full four months now. I can't believe it has been this long. She is still in respite and we are still private paying. The system moves so slowly in getting her services and getting insurance to take on some of the cost. We have received a few scholarships and for those we are very grateful. Hopefully, we will finally get her established in the system this month. We only have about two more hoops to jump through. As for Goldilocks, she is enjoying a special needs camp very much. She becomes very distraught when she has to see us (which is only seeing me at psychological appointments) and wishes "to fade out of our family like the girl in Harry Potter" as she recently said. The therapist says this is because she is mentally unstable and cannot deal with all of the emotions of living and being loved by a family.

Highlights of Our School Week ~ We did all of the normal subjects and a bit of extra fun, too. The kids enjoyed a poetry tea with Longfellow. We listened to Paul Revere's Ride, The Village Blacksmith (my favorite), and The Children's Hour. We will be exploring Longfellow for the first ten weeks of school. We celebrated J. K. Rowling (and Harry Potter's) birthday (July 31) by reading a biography of J. K. Rowling and watching the movie, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. We also started the book, The Four Story Mistake, which we are enjoying just as much as The Saturdays. We barely started our next literature unit study, which is The Year of Miss Agnes. I will speak more on our unit study next week.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. I'm happy to read about all the successful milestones this week. And still praying for your whole family. I really like the close up picture of Little Red Riding Hood. She has such pretty eyes. I hope this week is just as successful.

  2. What a wonderful week of precious milestones. I am sorry to hear about Goldilocks but since she is getting the care she needs perhaps one day she will be able to be loved.

  3. I'm happy to hear about your milestones! I can't believe that Little Red Riding Hood crocheted that hat after one lesson. That's amazing! So sorry that your still paying for respite; it's ridiculous that they've dragged their feet for this long. I hope that it comes through this month!

  4. Great milestones! Hugs on the challenges you are facing with Goldilocks. (((Dawn))) We enjoyed Four Story Mistake too. I like the whole series! :)

  5. What amazing milestones Dawn. It hurts my heart to read about Goldilocks. I can not imagine how hard that is for you all. The Longfellow tea sounds delightful. I hope this is a great week for you all. Hugs and blessings friend.

  6. How sad that Goldilocks, and all of you, are going through this painful time. Praying for healing all around...
    I'm glad for the happy moments and the milestones for the other children.