Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy Birthday, Lewis Carroll

"Always speak the truth, think before you speak, 
and write it down afterwards. "
Lewis Carroll

I must admit, I am always looking for fun. I am all about FUN. However, I am also all about learning. So, when I can combine the two, I am very happy. I decided to throw a breakfast Mad Hatter Tea Party for the kids this morning to celebrate Lewis Carroll's birthday.

We had to have cake and ice cream for breakfast. You can't get much more crazy than that! I know the frosting is crazy looking. I would like to tell you that I did that on purpose. The kids sure thought I did. Alas, the truth is I really struggle with homemade frosting. I can cook/bake all manner of things, but frosting and I just don't get along. We especially don't get along past 10:00 pm.

When the kids arrived for breakfast I instructed them to put on a hat. You have to wear a hat at proper tea parties and you have to wear a crazy hat to a Mad Hatter tea party.

After a delicious breakfast of cake, tea, and ice cream (in three flavors, no less), we played a good round or two of cards. We settled on Go Fish because it is fast.

We then moved on to the educational part of our birthday tea. We watched two videos on Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland. They are here and here.  Then we watched the Disney's 1951 version of Alice and Wonderland, because my poor, deprived children had never seen it. 

Then we did the really educational part of our tea and learned to write acrostic poetry. Lewis Carroll hid a few acrostic poems in his literary works. The kids then wrote their own. I will leave you with mine ~


Happy are we
Only us three
Mom as the teacher
Education our plan
Success and good spirits
Care in every detail
Home is our rock
Opportunities are at hand
Out and about we explore
Learning happens everywhere

Happy Birthday, Lewis Carroll!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Love how you've set out the tea and the activities to go with the theme!

  2. What a lovely thing to do, I love it!!