Monday, May 25, 2015

A Sneak Peek of The Mystery of the Seahorses

This post is mostly for the grandparents. We hope that someone is doing a video that can be converted to DVD. However, that has not been confirmed. Here is a tiny peek. The kids have completed four shows. They have four more to go. They are doing an awesome job and loving it.

Tom Sawyer as a crab solider. He leads the crabs who are searching for the dark water (pollution).

Little Red Riding Hood is on the left and Tom Sawyer is in the middle with one child in between them.

Just a tiny peek at the dark water dancing. This is a fast moving dance with the girls coming and going off the stage. Can you spot Little Red Riding Hood?

The seahorses are on stage several times. Little Red Riding Hood is the third seahorse to run past the camera at the end of the clip.

Blessings, Dawn

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed watching your clips! You must be very proud. (And you have inspired me to learn how to put a film onto YouTube. Is it hard?)