Saturday, May 30, 2015

Friday Wrap-Up ~ Scarlet Fever and Dance

We have one more week to go! Hurray! We have worked really hard these last few weeks to be at a good stopping point. We are taking a six or perhaps a seven week break for the summer.

Illness ~ This week added in an extra road bump in our days. Little Red Riding Hood came down with strep throat which then turned into scarlet fever within hours. She is terribly prone to strep throat, and even though we got her to the doctors as soon as we knew she had a sore throat and fever, it still managed to turn into scarlet fever. Thank goodness for antibiotics! Little Red Riding Hood has rarely needed them and they work really fast in her body. This is her third time she has gotten strep throat within days of a major performance. Luckily, the timing was perfect and she contracted the illness between shows and was able to get enough sleep and antibiotics to be cleared by the doctor to go on the stage by show time. She was beyond relieved. She is delightedly telling everyone that "the show must go on!"

I didn't get many photos taken this week. This picture of my kitchen counter pretty much sums it up.

Bobby pins, directions for next year's Tween Company, and Amoxicillin
School ~ We did manage to bang out most of the school I wanted to complete. We finished The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Minn of the Mississippi. We also watched The City of Ember on YouTube. The kids liked the book much better. We completed all of our map work for the Mississippi River. The end is within sight for language arts and math. I told the kids that they do not need to be completely done with Teaching Textbooks. If they have 15 lessons or less left, then they will have a fine review next school year (you know, the one that starts in July). They do, however, need to complete all language arts workbook pages. Little Red Riding Hood has 21 pages to go, which mostly consist of writing different kinds of paragraphs. It is going to be an intense last week for her. She decided to forgo camp this summer and receive a second American Girl Doll instead. However, she must complete all 5th grade work before earning the doll. She stands at my closet each night talking to Grace, the girl of the year.

Planning ~ I love planning the next school year. I have now pulled all of the books I own (except chapter books, which are already organized on the middle school reading shelf) for next school year. Now, I can start working on a list of what I need. I am glad to see that it will be less than I originally thought. Anywhere I can save money is a good thing. There is a big used homeschool book sale in just two weeks. I hope to have my final list written out and find some of it there.

Next Week ~ To finish off our school year we plan to do an end of the year presentation with friends. Most of next week will be spent pulling that together. We will also be testing using the CAT test, conducting the kids end of year interviews (which I will post next week), and finish those workbooks! Are you all done?

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Ack! Sounds like she gets strep throat during times of stress, like her body's immune system is weaker then. Even though dance performances are exciting, I know Amber was always very stressed then too. She usually got sick immediately after her performances.

    We were just at the American Girl store yesterday to celebrate our last day of school! It seems they are never too old for American Girl dolls.

    Our homeschool group is having a used curriculum sale on June 8th and I'm taking boxes and boxes of books up there. It's our first sale, so we have no clue how the turn out will be. Depending on what you need if I have anything that interests you, you will be welcome to it. I was thinking about posting all the remaining stuff on my blog to give away. I'm tired of storing it all.

  2. Hope you have a blessed (and healthy) last week of school, a great presentation, and a most enjoyable break!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about strep throat/scarlet fever. I remember getting strep a lot when I was a child.

    Have fun with homeschool planning! I'm in the same mode in my head, but haven't gotten past the book choices to start putting anything together.

    Blessings on your week and prayers for health.