Friday, October 2, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ It's October!

I love it when if really starts to feel and look like autumn. It is here. Soon the leaves will show all of their brilliant colors -- but first we have to get through some major rain. It has rained every day for the last week and we are bracing for serious rain and flooding this weekend. It is pouring rain (again) and the banks of all of our creeks, streams and rivers are near or at crest stage. It should be an interesting weekend.

We had a fun week. Grandpa visited for two days and we had lots of fun with him. We took him along with us on homeschool co-op day downtown and lost him in a large used bookstore. He was in heaven. We also took him to our little earth science museum and to a few local food places. The kids loved playing games with him each night.
Playing Staxis with Grandpa!
l also enjoyed walking around taking pictures of old buildings while the kids were in dance class. It was fun just hanging out with my Dad and playing with our cameras.

Nutcracker season is already upon us. Anne is a cat, guard, party goer and sugar candy; and Dean is a sailor, party goer and cat. Extra rehearsals start next Saturday. The kids are beyond excited. They love performing so much.

Anne in the forefront testing out different cat poses.
Anne had a yard sale with her best friends. They were all trying to earn money for their different sport/dance classes.  It was  a drizzly day with only a few customers, but they made a little bit of money and had fun together.

We got most of our schooling done, too. I completely forgot Mahatma Gandhi's birthday today. I had plans and a book all ready to go. I think we will have a belated "birthday celebration" for him on Monday. School wise, the highlight of the week, according to Dean was our latest Tinker Crate. It was about electricity. I thought they did a great job teaching about Tesla's contribution to electricity. So many unit studies forget all about him and just talk about Thomas Edison. Dean built a hand crank flashlight.

Anne is relieved that we finally finished up Ancient Rome. We finished with watch a documentary about Pompeii and another about how Roman roads were constructed. We then made our own Roman road. I hope to show pictures of it next week when the grass sprouts. Well, that is all for us this week.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. We desperately need some rain here, but perhaps not quite the quantity you are receiving. Sounds like s lovely, if damp, week. The tinker crate looks like a lot of fun too. I've never heard of Staxis. I'll have too look it up. Have a good weekend.

  2. What a lovely week! I'm glad you got to spend time with your Dad, I miss mine like crazy sometimes.
    I wish Ticker Crates were available over here, they look such a great addition to a home school.
    Have a great weekend Dawn!

  3. Send some of that rain to California! ;) We actually got a wee bit last week, but not nearly enough to make up for our drought.

    The used bookstore sounds wonderful! I love books. We have way too many of them, lol.

    How do you like Tinker Crate? We've done Academics in a Box, and I finally had to unsubscribe because we're not getting to them before the next one arrives. Oops. :/ I'm sure we'll get to them at some point, but for now, we're trying to get the basics covered, without a lot of time for extras.

  4. Your Dad sounds like a very fun person to be with. I know that I would like to hang out with him. :) It sounds like a wonderful week! We have had a ton of rain as well.

  5. Our leaves are already almost gone. We had our first little early snow on the weekend. Glad you had such a nice time with your father. And good luck with all the Nutcracker practices - it sounds like you'll be helping with a lot of costume changes come performance night!

  6. Rain! We're drying out from a deluge of rain last Wednesday that closed my oldest son's school. Flooded their basement where some classrooms are! In fact, he had Thursday and Friday off...and today and tomorrow are half days while they still clean up and dry things out! Looks like you guys need some drying out too! Our leaves are about 30% towards peak colors. It won't be long before winter is here!

  7. Your week looks amazing! I love all the pictures around town. So beautiful. And I LOVE that the girls had a yard sale and you let them do it. What a fun memory for them. Glad you got to spend time with Grandpa and I hope the Nutcracker goes great!!!