Saturday, March 19, 2016

Are You Here, Spring?

It really feels like spring has arrived here in the mountains. However, we can't be sure of that since we do live in the mountains and it is only March. But we are enjoying the weather as long as it lasts. We pulled a million wild onions this week and started cleaning up all of the small branches that fell all over the yard this winter. I am already seeing bees and butterflies!

Anne pulled out her spring/summer clothes ~ Anne grew out of all of her shorts and most of her skorts since last year. Luckily, most of her t-shirts still fit. Her spring/summer budget this year was $75.00, so we set out for the consignment shop. We provide a sturdy pair of sandals, a pair of sneakers, three outfits, three pajama sets, dance clothes, undergarments and a bathing suit... it is up to her to buy the rest out of her budget. She spent $53.00 and got just about everything she needs. She has a bit left over for yard sales and one children's sale coming up in April. This is her second season working with a budget. I am pleased how quickly she learned to prioritize needs over desires. Anne was so delighted to find the dress which is an American Girl Doll dress. My girl has three passions ~ dance, American Girl Dolls and  photography.

A treat at the Woolworth counter ~ We often buy a drink on Wednesdays when we are out most of the day at homeschool co-op classes. Usually, we get a coffee for Dean to push him through the day. He really struggles with all of the sensory input that he must process on Wednesdays, and coffee has become his weekly treat. Typically, Anne just gets a juice box or hot chocolate. However, we were having Spring Fever this week, so Anne got an ice cream float at the Woolworth counter (the store is now a gallery featuring local art and a restored soda fountain). What a treat!

Hitting the books ~ We did lots of book work this week. We are wrapping up several reviews for late March and early April. We also finally started a unit study on Nellie Bly and journalism that I planned out last summer. I can't wait to share it with you all in a week or two. Dean received a new Tinker Crate and has started to explore it. There will be more to come next week on that. So here are the stats for this week:
  • Literature ~ 5 hours (both)
  • Language Arts ~ 4 hours (both)
  • Math ~ 4 hours (both)
  • History ~ 3 hours (both)
  • Fine Arts ~ 9 hours (Anne) and 5 hours (Dean) 
  • Home Economics ~ 4 hours (Anne) and 3 hours (Dean)
  • Physical Education ~ 4 hours (Dean) (Remember that Anne is done with P.E. and her dance hours now go in fine arts.)
  • Sign Language ~ 4 hours (Anne)
  • Science ~ 30 minutes (Anne) and 1.5 hours (Dean)

Shamrock shake recipe was in the American Girl Doll magazine and cakes frosted with our first attempts with fondant 
Blessings, Dawn


  1. Oh, I remember that American Girl dress! We might even have the matching doll dress, but never got the girl version. And I just love that you still have a Woolworth's counter. My mom tells me all about eating there, she even worked at Woolworth's as a teenager.

    Have a great weekend and coming week!

  2. A very productive week. I've never heard of a Woolworth's counter, but it sounds like a treat! What a great lesson in buying clothes, too.

  3. What could be better than having ice cream at a soda fountain counter?

  4. What could be better than having ice cream at a soda fountain counter?

  5. I keep thinking it's spring, and then we get another rainy, ugly patch. Long sleeves, short sleeves, long sleeves, short sleeves, oy!