Thursday, March 10, 2016

S Is for Symphony

We had the pleasure of going to the symphony this week. Our local symphony orchestra did a special school show that cost only $4 a ticket. I couldn't pass that up. The show was called Musicalympics and they portrayed how music and sports are related to each other.

It was a great show and special opportunity for my kids. Dean really appreciated how professional the orchestra was and remarked that, if you closed your eyes, the music sounded like it had been professionally recorded. But then, when you opened your eyes, the music was being played live right in front of you. He loved that. It's really hard for him to listen to poorly played music. We sat in the spacious balcony, which was a relief for my sensory-affected son as the music was not too loud up there.
Dear son takes his mission to avoid the camera seriously these days, LOL!
We heard several great pieces including:
  • "Star Spangled Banner" by Frances Scott Key
  • "Bugler's Dream" by Leo Arnaud
  • "Fugue in C Minor" by Bach
  • "Entrance of the Gladiators" by Julius Fucik
  • "Overture to the Bartered Bride" by Bedrich Smetana
  • "Olympic Fanfare" by John Williams
We are going to follow up our adventures at the symphony reviewing The Story of the Orchestra and listening to "The Best of John Williams," parts one and two (found on YouTube). John Williams wrote the music to Harry Potter and Star Wars! My kids were very excited to hear about that.

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Blessings, Dawn


  1. Oh, how delightful and special! I've never seen a symphony but I used to go to watch musicals at theaters almost every week growing up (my best friend's mum worked in the ticket office so we got free tickets to all the London shows!) and I loved to hear the orchestra warming up for the performance.

  2. I would have loved to hear the olympic fanfare live!

  3. Oooh, what a great outing! We're reading Paddington, and I had to explain the concept of intermission. Made me realize that the last time we went to anything (Singing Christmas Tree) Jack was still a toddler. :sigh:

  4. That's a great book, and you know we love the symphony. The St. Louis symphony also has $5 ticket days for schools, but it's always packed and seats are assigned by school, or homeschool group (or individual if homeschoolers purchase them singly). It sounds like you had a great performance to attend.