Saturday, June 17, 2017

Summer week 3 ~ How One Looks at Things

This week has been one of those weeks where attitude makes all the difference. It was one of those, "Is your cup half full or half empty?" kind of weeks. Even though there was a lot of hardship, this week was filled with positive moments!

The Positives ~
  • Dean had a marvelous time at his first week of camp. It was the happiest we have seen him all year. I am so grateful that he is turning the corner on his depression. Each week gets a bit smoother for him. He has one more week of camp.
  • Anne's Cecchetti ballet teacher offered to train Anne for free (beyond her paid for dance classes) in the Cecchetti method and help her prepare for the level 4 exam next spring. We are so grateful for this opportunity that will really help build Anne's dance resume.
  • I was able to read most of a third book this week. This is really amazing for me to be able to find the time to read a complete book three weeks in a row!
  • Dean and Anne spent hours this week doing the things they love -- acting camp, dance, playing musical instruments and exercise/stretching.
  • Our family is safe, well fed, well sheltered, resilient and blessed!

The Negatives with a Positive Twist
  • My Mother spent part of the week in the hospital with kidney stones. I was not very impressed with the care she received during this time. I arrived one day and she hadn't been give anything to drink in more than 7 hours, and she was supposed to be drinking extra water. The nursing staff seemed overwhelmed and had missed providing basic care to her. Thankfully, a few choice words quietly delivered got her care improved immediately and for the rest of her stay.
  • Our hamster died. She was very old, healthy and active until her death and died in her sleep. We should all be so blessed.
  • Our minivan needed some large repairs this week. The AC went a few weeks ago and then the side sliding door got stuck open. My dear husband had to drive it 15 miles to the repair shop with the door stuck open. This was the second side door that has needed to be repaired on this minivan. Thankfully, it was all fixed for less than our research suggested it would cost, and we had enough money in savings to foot the bill. We have a cool ride with working doors again!
Books I Have Read this Summer ~  
  • Week 1 ~ $2.00 a Day: Living On Almost Nothing In America
  • Week 2 ~ Your Water Footprint: The Shocking Facts About How Much Water We Use to Make Everyday Products 
  • Week 3 ~ Water Cooler Diaries Women Across America Share Their Day at Work

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Lovely week Dawn! And you are right, attitude is everything. I'm so glad you are having a lovely summer.

  2. Sorry to hear about your mother! Luckily she had you to speak up for her and make sure she got the care required.

  3. Our van has sporadic things that stop working and then start. The automatic locks haven't worked for months, but started working today for whatever reason.

    Yippie on the extra dance lessons!

  4. I had one of those weeks too. Good job keeping a positive attitude!

  5. I hope your mom is doing well now! We learned with my dad to always keep an eye on care in the hospital. No matter how fantastic the hospital is supposed to be.