Friday, August 11, 2017

Curriculum Picks ~ 2017/2018 Semester One

We start school Monday! Wow! The summer was fast, but we are ready to get back to work. We actually did lots of recorded learning over the summer, so we are starting off strong in some subjects. That is a nice feeling. I am only showing what we plan to do for the first semester, because I will re-evaluate after 18 weeks. The courses will stay the same, but the materials may change for the spring semester.

What my crew is doing together ~

British Literature (10th grade Dean and 9th grade Anne) ~ Together they will be reading Macbeth, Great Expectations, Silas Marner, The Adventure of the Speckled Band, and some other British poetry and short stories.

Biology (10th grade Dean and 9th grade Anne) ~ We are looking forward to using the Fascinating Biology online program, dissecting (fetal pig, sheep heart, large frog), conducting lots of experiments and extra reading from Biology Prentice Hall.

English 8th grade (Anne), English 9th grade (Dean) ~ This course was started last year and will be completed this year. We will complete Cover Story and attend a monthly literature movie club with friends. First semester films will include Call of the Wild, Johnny Tremain, October Sky, The Miracle Worker, and To Kill a Mockingbird. In addition, Anne will also be completing several grammar workbooks.

Dean's Curriculum Picks ~ 

Math I (9th grade) ~ Textbooks that Dean will be using include Life of Fred Fractions, Zillions of Practice Problems FractionsLife of Fred Decimals, Zillions of Practice Problems Decimals. He will also be doing one math project a month from Hands-On Math Projects.

Earth Science (9th grade) (1/4 done) ~ His textbook will be The Book of Trees, in addition to a whole host of earth science articles I have collected. We will also go on several field trips (including a visit to a fossil dig).

U.S. History (9th grade) (1/4 done) ~ Dean's textbook will be The Story of the Thirteen Colonies and The Great Republic.

Career and Technology Course (10th grade) (1/4 done) ~ This summer (finishes next week), Dean has earned 34 hours of volunteer work at our local nature center as a Junior Naturalist. This semester he will be reading selected chapters from Succeeding in the World of Work.

Physical Education (9th grade) (1/4 done) ~ Dean decided to give up dance classes, at least for now. He is tired of all of the drama and struggle to be good enough. He will be working on a physical therapy program at home to increase flexibility in his hamstrings, lower back and shoulders. He will also be working on his core strength, as was advised by his recent physical therapy evaluation. Lastly, he will be attending a Wandering Swordsmen class for two hours each week in which he will learn techniques in boffing and participate in controlled skirmishes.

String Instruments (9th grade) (2/3 done) ~ Dean will continue lessons with guitar teacher and practice at home. He will also increase his repertoire of songs on the ukulele.

Visual Arts II (10th grade) ~ His lessons will be taught by Miss Laura 2 hours a week, and he will complete homework at home.

Anne's Curriculum Picks ~

Home Economics 8th grade ~ Anne will make five recipes each week, using the Everyday Cooking book. She will do the planning, shopping, budgeting and cooking of all recipes.

Math 8th grade ~ Anne will continue with No-Nonsense Algebra. She will also be listening to the Life of Fred books with her brother (but not doing the Zillions of Practice Problems book). She will also be doing one math project a month from Hands-on Math Projects.

World History 8th grade ~ This is a review year for Anne to make sure there are no gaps before going into high school. She will read and answer all questions in Everything You Need to Ace World History in One Big Fat Notebook. She will read and answer all questions. She will also be picking a topic of interest from the topics reviewed in the first semester to write a five page research paper.

Logic 8th grade ~ Anne will be using the following books: Unlocking Analogies, The Fallacy Detective, and Orbiting with Logic. She will also get credit for working through some Sherlock mysteries on her own.

English 8 ~ She will be studying along with her brother (see above).

Physical Education ~ Anne will be taking around 12 to 14 hours a week of dance classes this year. She is studying for the Cecchetti ballet exam (level 4) in the spring. She already has completed 14 weeks of dance (5 hours a week) over the summer. She will be studying ballet, pointe, hip hop, partnering, modern, limon and choreography. Her technical classes will count for physical education and extracurricular.

Performing Arts ~ The majority of her performing arts credit will be from dance classes that are working on shows, such as The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. She will perform in The Nutcracker in December. She will also be getting credit for songs she learns and memorizes on the piano.

It is going to be a busy year!! Here we go!

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Blessings, Dawn


  1. Looks like you made some awesome choices for curriculum this year! I can't wait to see what your year brings!

  2. Really great choices! Some are very familiar to me - like Lightning Lit and Life of Fred - and others I haven't heard of before. And learning swordplay?? How awesome is that!

  3. Great choices (and a lot of similarity to ours). My girls gave up dance for similar reasons, the drama and the pressure to be perfect crushed their love of dancing. Here's to a great new academic year!

  4. Looks like fun. I kind of want to come do school at your house. :)

  5. Great choices for your kids. I will have to look into some as I haven't heard of them.

  6. Lots of fun choices. We're using the other Lightning Lit British for literature and the Lightning Lit Shakespeare. We just love those! And Life of Fred... we're both dreading geometry this year. And we're doing the One Year Adventure Novel, but did Cover Story in the past.

    I'm excited to see how this all works out for your kids.