Friday, August 25, 2017

Week 2 ~ The Sweet Spots and Hard Edges

As the school year gets into full swing, we are finding the sweet spots and hard edges to our days. So far, the hard edges are minimal and I think I can fix the hardest one by shifting our schedule in September. Right now, Wednesday really is hump day around here, and we haven't yet added in Wednesday night dance classes. We just have too many commitments sprinkled all throughout the day to keep up good momentum.

This week the kids worked on gaining independence and using their lesson planners. Anne immediately took to using hers and Dean is adjusting to his.We did more tweaking with Dean's history curriculum and it is working better now. The kids have been introduced to all of their independent and working together curricula, and everything seems to be a good fit. There are only the remaining curricula to introduce next week for the two classes that I am teaching in our tiny two family co-op.

Our sweetest spot seems to come each evening when we gather for read-aloud time. Dear Husband reads our family book, and Anne works on a puzzle while Dean draws. Everyone is engaged and together. It is a warm, family togetherness time to wind up the day. As a bonus it gets a bit more school time in as well. I hope that it continues to be a peaceful time even after evening dance lessons begin.

Next week we introduce chore time back into the schedule. They have done a 10 minute pick up here and there, but I gave them a break from regular, established chores for the last two weeks. We also start homeschooling Rose (13) on Tuesdays and introducing British Literature and biology into our schedule. 

The Solar Eclipse ~ We were in the 99% area of the eclipse. I decided not to travel to an area of totality because the news was predicting horrible traffic jams. I figured 99% would be impressive enough. We had solar eclipse glasses and invited another family to join us. We thought it would get darker than it did, but the crickets got super loud, the eclipse looked pretty through the glasses, and the temperature cooled for a while. It was cool enough, but I think I will travel to 100% totality next time, if I'm able.  

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Looks like your year is off to a good start! It is so nice to be able to adjust our plans and schedules when we need to.

  2. Looks like a good start! Those extra curricular areas are what tend to make our days harder to manage as well.

  3. Great fun!!! Love that your hubby reads to the kids. :)

  4. Ditto to Jolanthe's comment. :)

    We were right on the edge of totality. A cloud passed over the sun as it reached maximum coverage, so we couldn't tell just how close we got. It was waaaay cool, though.

  5. I love seeing the shadow crescents; we were looking for those all over up here but could not find any!

  6. Great pictures. I didn't take that many - and mostly of the sun. Trying to convince an iPhone to photograph the eclipse. :)

    We have found the extras to be difficult at this age too. I'm really trying to limit the time we spend outside of the house except for co-op and music lesson. It's so nice to not go anywhere some days.

    I hope this week goes week!

  7. This sounds so great. Is Rose a friend? It is our dream to find a 3-5 year old to keep/homeschool. I LOVE your nightly routine.

  8. The evening time your family shares together seems wonderful. Reminds me of all the nights my dad read stories to me - even when I was already a teenager!

    Kathrin --

  9. I'll miss your old library picture, but I like the new blog header, too! :) Your 99% was better than our 79%, and we still enjoyed it. I guess I'm getting better at keeping expectations low, lol. ;)