Wednesday, August 2, 2017

In the Reign of Terror ~ Review

In the Reign of Terror

Heirloom Audio Productions is one of our favorite companies. We were beyond excited to receive for review their most recent audio CD, In the Reign of Terror.  This is a two CD set that has an audio time of two and one half hours. I love the motto of this company, "Building character in the next generation by bringing the lessons of history to life".  What a wonderful motto to teach by. This is a very exciting production about the Reign of Terror that took place during the French Revolution. The Reign of Terror lasted one year in which upwards of 30,000 noble men, women and children were killed in horrific ways, including the guillotine. 
Heirloom Audio Productions

This is an exciting story about a young Englishman named Harry who lives with a French noble family during the reign of terror. The family starts out leading the normal lives of the well-to-do. However, the story quickly turns very dangerous for the family as they face prison and potential death at the hands of angry mobs, for no better reason than being noble. Harry becomes loyal to the family and does everything in his power to keep them safe as they try to escape Paris. There are many harrowing twists and turns throughout the story that kept us on the edge of our seats. 

We listened to the story while traveling on our vacation. I must admit that the story was so engaging that it may not have been advisable for the driver to be listening, since the story was so compelling that it was distracting. I will say that this time period is horrific and it clearly came through in the story. I am not sure that it would be appropriate for the youngsters who might be frightened by the details and horrors portrayed so brilliantly by the actors. I know it gave me chills at times. I love the moral lessons that are portrayed in this story. Harry resists becoming violent against his attackers and instead uses his wits and intelligence to outsmart them. He also relies heavily on his faith in God and his belief that God would not want him to become a murderer. His selflessness is contagious and commendable. 

Besides the wonderful audio production, we were given access to a great unit study. It is filled with excellent discussion questions and lots of Expand Your Learning opportunities. We immediately searched for all of the recipes and decided which one we would make. We made brioche following one of the recipes in the study guide. My kids love to do cooking projects that are connected to their learning. Heirloom Audio Productions also has a Live the Adventure Clubwhich is an exciting new way to get involved with the stories. This audio and study guide gets a huge thumbs up from our family. We really enjoyed it. The acting is excellent, the story is engaging and the moral lessons are timeless.
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Blessings, Dawn 

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  1. I think I said the same thing in my review about the driver listening :) It was a rather engaging story.