Friday, October 6, 2017

Counting Blessings!

Some weeks are just unremarkable in our little homeschool. The work gets done, but there is nothing noteworthy to report. Some weeks are overshadowed by world events. This week was one of those. It was good and unremarkable at home and shocking and devastating beyond our door. The destruction of Puerto Rico and our government's slow response in helping our fellow Americans, as well as the mass shooting in Las Vegas leaves me speechless -- almost. These world events remind me that while academics are one thing, teaching our children to walk the road of kindness and to use common sense are the true lessons. This is my real reason for guiding my children to adulthood at home. It is an awesome responsibility and one I do not take lightly. The most important moments this week were unremarkable but wonderful little blessings. With all the heartache there is in the world, I would like to list a few blessings my family has experienced this week.

I love paths.
We went to an apple orchard and a pumpkin patch this week. We got tons of apples, ate apple treats, picked out pumpkins and found our way out of a corn maze. Blessings.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling
These two precious children bring so much joy to my days. I am so blessed to have them, and they are so blessed to have each other.

They are blessed with a strong relationship. I think the trial of  living with a mentally ill sibling and then losing her  3 1/2 years ago really strengthened their relationship. She was so abusive to them, and her mental illness permeated our home. Then she was gone in a blink (she ran away and, even though my husband and I  have contact with her, they do not). They have had to work hard to build their trust in each other and know that they will always be there for each other. I see them growing closer in friendship all the time. That is a blessing to last a lifetime. 

Dean (15) is blessed to be out of his depression. Last year was very hard. This year he has a core group of friends, more confidence, a love of music and art, and is gaining strength from his family. He smiles, whistles and enjoys his surroundings again. For that, we are so blessed! 

Anne (14) is sailing through school this year. She seems to have boundless energy to handle all that is on her plate. She has a passion that makes her soar -- literally. She can do some amazing leaps in dance. She is such a blessing to all who meet her.

Tim (our adult disabled son, who lives with us) is doing well right now. He was the slowest to show healing after his sister ran away. But he has so much more calmness in him now. He has learned to trust that a family outing doesn't have to include chaos. He is spending more and more time going out and about with the family. It is a blessing to have him engaged with the family and enjoying family time again. 

So blessings abound. I am ever so grateful!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. It does take a long time to heal from those types of family situations. I'm glad everyone is learning to trust again!

  2. I actually don't have words to describe the feelings of my heart as I read and ponder your post. I can say that I am grateful to have found your blog and to be able to look at you as a mentor and virtual friend.

  3. Healing from trauma does take time. I know first hand what you are talking about. You are an inspiration to me, and am have been blessed to get to know your family through this blog. My two college kids have grown closer as well through depending on each other and spending time with each other three days a week.

  4. So glad you are all in a healing and happier time! And I love the pumpkin patch pictures. I would love to take the kids to one local to us but it is expensive because they have a huge play area. Really cool, but nearly $100 for the 11 of us. Ugh. That doesn't even include any pumpkins...

  5. So good to hear that everyone is in a good place right now. In many ways emotional trauma is harder to deal with than physical trauma.