Friday, October 20, 2017

Week 9 ~ A Look at Where We Are at the End of Quarter One

It is the end of the first quarter and time to see how we are doing. One would think that we have enough on our plate with each child working on 8 to 12 subjects (credits) for high school this year, but, no, we are adding three more. I have decided to add Health which is a half year subject (or half credit) for both children. I am adding Math II (applied geometry) and Home and Life Management for Dean which will be a whole credit each. This is in addition to adding Spanish two weeks ago for Dean. We are counting credits as complete with 144 hours and completion of goals. Some courses will go over 144 hours. So this is where it stands now.

Dean (High School)
  • English I ~ We are counting grammar, writing, literature-based films and reading independently middle school chapter books. (currently on week 13)
  • Math I ~ He is taking classes in pre-algebra and personal finance using Life of Fred books, as well as studying CTCMath online, hands-on math and any other sources that gets the job done. (currently on week 10)
  • Earth Science ~We are using a variety of hands-on experiments, TED-Ed videos, Netflix, articles and field trips. (currently on week 14)
  • U.S. History ~ We are using a host of resources from biographies to high school U.S. History textbooks with lots of field trips sprinkled in between. (currently on week 14)
  • Physical Education ~ He is doing or has done dance, Wandering Swordsman (boffing), swimming, bowling, miniature golf, physical therapy at-home program and hiking. (currently on week 19)
  • Visual Art I ~ (complete)
  • String Instruments ~ He is taking guitar lessons and teaching himself the ukulele. (currently on week 28)
  • English II ~ We are doing British Literature with an extensive reading list and movies. (currently on week 7)
  • Math II ~ This will be an applied geometry course beginning with basic geometry and real world geometry. We will see how far he is able to achieve. (currently in week 1)
  • Biology ~ We are using many experiments, a high school textbook and some Netflix documentaries. (currently in week 7)
  • CTE Career and Technology Education ~ Dean is receiving credit for his volunteer work at the Nature Center, doing chapters in a career textbook, documentaries on career related subjects, an engineering course online and future volunteer work. (currently at week 10)
  • World History ~ This will include CNN Student News, research papers on historical topics of interest, documentaries and biographies. We are counting five CNN Student News shows (one week's worth) as one hour of history. (currently at week 2)
  • Visual Arts II ~ Dean is taking classes with a homeschool co-op plus Roots and Wings teen art nights, Grandma and lessons he finds on lines. This course is mostly drawing. (currently on week 7)
  • Spanish I ~ He is doing Berlitz Basic Spanish with his Dad. (currently in week 2)
  • Health ~ He will be CPR trained, go through either the Red Cross Babysitting course or First Aid course and numerous TED-Ed and documentaries on health-related topics. (Will start next week)
  • Home and Life Management ~ This course will be a multi-disciplinary course that will prepare Dean for life as an adult. I feel that he needs more review and guidance than some students might need because of his special needs. Also, our public schools and sometimes our schools at home really miss the importance of teaching life skills. (Will start next week)
Dean is currently working on 14.5 credits toward his high school education. We lost some time with his depression and illness last year and some of these classes are carried over from last year. So far this school year, he is doing fine. 

Anne (8th Grade)

Anne is doing five credits for 8th grade. Our state doesn't require any particular subjects for 8th grade, so I decided to move history to 9th grade a few weeks ago. 

8th Grade
  • Home Economics ~ Anne is concentrating on cooking and baking. However, she is also advancing her skills in refinishing furniture, sewing, car maintenance, child care and management of a home. (currently at week 10)
  • Math 8 ~ She is working on pre-algebra, using a host of sources that I have mentioned before. Currently at week 10
  • English 8 ~ This is primarily a writing course, which also includes literature-based movies and independent reading from our middle school reading list. (currently on week 11)
  • Performing Arts ~ Anne is getting credit for all dance classes that have to do with performances, performances that she dances in, piano pieces that she learns and three or four professional performances that she will see this year. (currently on week 12)
  • Physical Education ~ Anne is getting credit for all technical dance classes, such as Cecchetti, pointe and different forms of modern dance. (currently on week 20)
High School Credit
  • English I (British Literature) ~ We are studying British literature with an extensive reading list and movies. (currently on week 7)
  • Biology ~ We are using many experiments, a high school text book and some Netflix documentaries. (currently in week 7)
  • World History ~ She is watching CNN Student News and lots of documentaries, as well as reading a text book and biographies and writing research papers. (currently on week 9)
  • American Sign Language ~ Anne is learning songs in American Sign Language from watching the Internet and performing them for the family. Her signing is getting fast and very clear. She is learning both American Sign Language and Pidgen Signed English. The vocabulary is the same, but the syntax is different between the two languages. She will add other online courses or out-of-the-home classes as we find them. (currently on week 8)
  • CTE Career and Technology Education ~ She has started this course by documenting her Teacher Assistant job helping with a ballet III class. Other job/volunteer opportunities will be added as they arise. (currently on week 2)
  • Health ~ She will be CPR trained, go through the Red Cross Babysitting course or First aid course and watch numerous TED-Ed and documentaries on health-related topics. (Will start next week)
She will start high school credit physical education and Math I (Algebra) as she completes Math 8 and physical education 8.

We are on schedule or ahead of schedule for most of their subjects. I imagine some will fall behind as others intensify. We will certainly concentrate on the core subjects and their passions. I would assume that they will be completed first. I am hoping that Dean will have completed string instruments and Anne will have completed 8th grade physical education by the end of the next quarter.

Most importantly, both children are emotionally healthy, thriving, and growing strong characters.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Wow I got tired just reading that! Great to be on or ahead of schedule - that really helps take the pressure off. Life skills and first aid are so important - you never know when you could be in a position to save a life.

  2. How great to be on or ahead of schedule?! That's wonderful.

  3. Wow, knocking some things out early!! Good job. We've finished our first quarter too (but I hadn't looked at it that way until I read your post...I feel more accomplished now, grins!)

  4. Wow! That's an impressive list!!! Congrats to all of you for your hard work!

  5. How long gone does your school day take?

    1. It takes about 5 hours not including dance. We also do a few hours on the weekend. Part of our drive is because we are less than thrilled with the restrictive laws in New York where we may move in a year or so. We want to get as far along as we can.

  6. Goodness! It sounds like quite a bit, but then again when you get moving I'm sure it is quite achievable. We tend to add unexpected items to our schedule each year as well.

    The life skills are rather important, and I think missed by many kids these days.